Ecuador’s Corrupt Court Confirms $18 Billion Award Against Chevron

In an action that comes as no surprise to anyone, an Ecuador appeals court confirmed the decision by Ecuador to award an $18 billion damage award to Ecuador. Ecuador’s court, long accused of bribery and beset with scandal, would not dream of going against the wishes of that country’s President Rafael Correa.

Consider that President Rafael Correa recently sued a popular local newspaper and its columnists and editors for $80 million, as I explain in this video, when the cost was just $10 million….

…then took the “pledge” (if you will because those news guys don’t have $80 million in their pockets) and attached it to the $116 million that he said would stop Ecuador from drilling in the Yasuni park region.

And Correa has allowed his state-run oil company Petroecuador to continue oil drilling and environmental damage, and to the point where it and other foreign oil companies have committed over 100 oil spills since Chevron left the country in 1992.

Steven Donziger Keeps Pushing

And who’s pushing this fraudulent lawsuit? Plaintiffs’ lead U.S. lawyer Steven Donziger, and even with evidence that he knew the lawsuit he filed was based on “smoke and mirrors,” and “bullshit” as he said in this video:

The simple fact that Donziger was caught on video saying this means Chevron should not give a dime to either Ecuador or Donziger, who has openly stated that he would become a billionaire from this. See:

Stay tuned.

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