Cousin of Ecuador President Correa, Attorney General With Chevron Ecuador Ties Implicated In Panama Papers

Panama Papers: A vast and wide ranging effort to hide money using a latice-work of off-shore bank accounts has been uncovered by way of a leak to German newspaper Suddeutsche … Read More

Rafael Correa Jails Cléver Jiménez, Chevron Ecuador Whistle-Blower

Rafael Correa orchestrated the jailing of Ecuadorian Assemblyman Cléver Jiménez, and for libel and slander and is having him investigated for the alleged “intercepting of confidential government documents” associated with … Read More

Atossa Soltani Amazon Watch Avoids Defending Steven Donziger At RICO Trial: Chevron Ecuador

Atossa Soltani, of Amazon Watch, and its the founder and executive director, has reportedly elected to avoid testifying on behalf of RICO defendant Steven Donziger in the Chevron Ecuador fraud … Read More

Ecuador President Correa Wants Oil Drilling In Yasuni National Park; Chevron Lawsuit A Sham

Ecuador President Rafael Correa, in following through on a promise he made four years ago to drill in the United Nations-protected Yasuni National Park, has upset many in Ecuador, and … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: International Court Finds Ecuador Violating World Law

Ecuador’s never good at listening, preferring to march against the World, and to the beat of its own, corrupt, legal drum. That habit caught up to the country in the … Read More

Ecuador Judge Alberto Guerra Paid Off By Steven Donziger In Chevron Case

Before you read the rest of the news, look at this video: Now, here’s the latest: Ecuador Judge Alberto Guerra has stepped forward to admit that he was paid off … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Burford Capital Accuses Steven Donziger Of Fraud

“Chevron Ecuador Burford Capital Accuses Steven Donziger Of Fraud,” is a blockbuster story. The latest news in the lawsuit pitting plaintiff’s lead by New York Lawyer Steven Donziger (who claims … Read More

Fernando Reyes Turns Against Steve Donziger, Ecuador Plaintiffs, In Chevron Lawsuit

A huge development: Fernando Reyes, a petroleum engineer who was part of Steve Donziger’s team working on the fraudulent lawsuit against Chevron and stemming from the American Oil Company’s work … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: U.S. Supreme Court Rebuff Not A Loss For Chevron

Chevron Corporation attempted to have the U.S. Supreme Court take on the case of Ecuador plaintiff’s fraudulent lawsuit against the American Oil Company – one that has resulted in a … Read More

Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan Allows Chevron To Pursue Ecuador Fraud Claim

Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan, who was the first legal overseer to recognize that the Steven Donziger-led lawsuit against Chevron and that caused the corrupt Ecuador court to issue an $18 … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Emails Point To Ecuador, Petroecuador, Working With Donziger

More Chevron Ecuador news. About two years ago, an associate with Amazon Watch I will not name tried to bully Kevin Skaggs and Vlae Kershner of, the website of … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger’s 2005 PR Attack Plan Revealed

The Chevron Ecuador case contains thousands of pages of documents, many online for anyone who cares to research. One document contains the emails and papers of Chevron Ecuador lead plaintiff … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Blasts Donziger For “Tort Tourism”

Chevron Ecuador: the latest news has the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blasting Steve Donziger and the so-called Amazon Defense Coalition for what many are starting to call “tort tourism,” or … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: US Trade Agency Blasts Ecuador, Amazon Defense Coalition Tells Lies

More Chevron Ecuador news: the U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and his staff have released the report called “Sixth Report to the Congress on the Operation of the Andean Trade … Read More

Was Dr. Ann Maest, Ecuador Plaintiff’s Scientist, Paid To Lie In Chevron Ecuador Case?

Dr. Ann Maest, a managing scientist at Straus Consulting and aide to Steve Donziger, lead plaintiff’s lawyer in the Chevron Ecuador case, is the focus of the most recent attempt … Read More

Chevron Fires Ogilvy And Felipe Benitez For Consulting To Amazon Watch; Benitez Worked With Ecuador Too

The latest Chevron Ecuador news is that Chevron fired its $600,000 lobbyist Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, after it was revealed that Felipe Benitez, a relatively new Ogilvy Account Director, gave … Read More

SF Chronicle Unethical: Has Appearance Of Being On Take For Millions In Chevron Ecuador

The San Francisco Chronicle has the appearance of operating in a way that’s purely unethical. First, they work to eliminate the one person who blogged on Chevron’s side in the … Read More

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, Chevron Shareholders, Seek Ecuador Settlement To Get Rich

The “40 Chevron Shareholders” who are asking for a settlement in the Chevron – Ecuador case are doing so only out of greed; such a deal would make some of … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Judge Kaplan Sort-Of Punks Steven Donziger With RICO Ruling

Steve Donziger, the lead plaintiff lawyer in a fraudulent lawsuit pitting Chevron against Ecuador, managed to really piss off U.S. Southern District Of New York Judge Lewis Kaplan on April … Read More

Chevron Wins Victory In Chevron Ecuador Case

Chevron won a battle in the issue of the fraudulent lawsuit stemming from it’s 20 year old departure from oil production in Ecuador. On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan … Read More

Chevron Ecuador Judge Nicolas Zambrano Dismissed; Correa Reverses On Media Suit

Nicolas Zambrano, the judge that awarded his own country fraudulently-obtained victory in the long-standing lawsuit against Chevron, was dismissed on Wednesday for the freeing of Cristian Suquisupa. What Zambrano did … Read More

NY Times, Washington Post Show Ecuador President Correa’s Corruption

For those who romanticized Ecuador as a fair, democratic country with solid “freedom of the press” laws, much like America, it’s time to wake up. As I have explained in … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Kerry Kennedy To Make $40 Million Off Scam Lawsuit

Talk about being party to an extortion. This blogger saw a Chevron Ecuador-related post on Kerry Kennedy and thought “Man, never saw her name involved in all this much until … Read More

Chevron Should Stay Course In Ecuador Case, Ignore Shell Issue

There are calls in some media areas and by some oil industry analysts for Chevron to consider a payment settlement in the Ecuador case, and because the U.S. Supreme Court … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Chevron Awarded $96 Million in Arbitration Claim Against Government of Ecuador

All this blogger can say is “It’s about time” someone recognized just how bass-ackward corrupt the Government of Ecuador is and the efforts it has taken to mask the truth … Read More