Zennie62Media Inc. Sponsored Post Policy, Oakland News Now Blog

Zennie62Media Inc. Sponsored Post Policy, Oakland News Now Blog

“Sponsored Posts” are all the rage, today. Online publications like TechCrunch have a significant percentage of weekly content represented by “Sponsored Posts”. We get a lot of requests for what are called “Sponsored Posts” and so here’s our policy and pricing on any sponsored post request we receive. This is of particular importance to potential clients in the tech sector, since Zennie62Media has covered CES Las Vegas since 2010.

First, Just What Is A “Sponsored Post”?

There are many definitions of what a “Sponsored Post” is, so we made our own here at Zennie62Media, Inc. A “Sponsored Post” is permanent content with links where necessary and developed by or at the request of a client person or group or company, that’s made to the specifications of that client, and to promote that client’s product or the client themselves. Zennie62Media, Inc., always discloses such relationships where we’re asked to promote a product. The Federal Trade Commission has extensive guidelines on this topic: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking#ftcactapply

Second, How Is A Zennie62Media, Inc “Sponsored Post” Different From The Normal One?

A “Sponsored Post” by Zennie62Media, Inc generally uses our proprietary distribution network, where a YouTube video at the pioneer Zennie62 YouTube Channel automatically becomes a blog post on Oakland News Now, Oakland Focus Blog, San Francisco Focus Blog, Atlanta Focus Blog, and the other “city named” blogs in our network. That content is then automatically distributed to our social media platforms. So one Zennie62Media, Inc “Sponsored Post” video commonly yields between 10 and 20 items of content.

What Does A Zennie62Media, Inc “Sponsored Post” Cost?

The standard base fee for a Zennie62Media, Inc “Sponsored Post” is $1,500 and is a retainer paid before any client work starts.

It’s standard base fee is a flat per-post charge based on the current market and our combined Oakland News Now and Zennie62 YouTube Video monthly traffic and views and domain considerations – we may adjust the content for optimum search engine performance, but we don’t charge for that extra work, whatever the case. The rate is also negotiable with respect to budget. This is different from the Zennie62Media, Inc reputation management services, which are discussed here.

This is also different from Zennie62Media, Inc’s brand new athlete marketing “Sponsored Post” effort. There, we feature an athlete as the product endorser. In turn, the athlete gains the use of our powerful distribution system. In this, the retainer paid to Zennie62Media, Inc is shared with the athlete, and factors-in the athlete’s own social media reach.

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