Zennie62Media, Inc. | About Zennie62Media, Inc.

Zennie62Media, Inc.

Zennie62Media, Inc. | About Zennie62Media, Inc.

Zennie62Media was created to solve a problem.

Media is in crisis. The emergence of the digital space has caused a shift. News organizations that were once considered the information standard of the world, can not be trusted with that mantle today, and evidence now shows that they never really could.

The media landscape is divided into left vs. right or by any number of ways, and in this minefield, the person or group or company very often struggles to get out their message above those who would seek to tell fake news. Enter Zennie62Media to solve the problem.

Zennie62Media makes, owns, and controls its own blog and video-blog and social media network.

Zennie62Media has its own proprietary way of creating and distributing content. We make YouTube videos with just our smartphones, but that automatically become news blog posts on our blogs like our flagship Oakland News Now, Zennie62.com, and Oakland News Online. From there, content is further distributed to impact the news and social media cycle. And this happens in seconds, not days.

In effect, Zennie62Media’s mission is to become the CNN of the 21st Century using the Third Wave of Media: smartphones. We cover the news, and with posts made in the standard online content style. But we add to that our new smartphone-based system. Media is made better, cheaper, and faster.

We also constantly seek to innovate in the media space. We’re constantly testing new approaches and coding technology.

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