Chris Culliver: Niners CB Apologizes For Anti-Gay Remarks, Hit With Questions

Chris Culliver is smartly backtracking from the stupid, idiotic, but also honest expression of his dislike for gay players in the NFL. Chris Culliver hurt the 49ers image just days … Read More

Super Bowl Injury Report: 49ers Ahmad Brooks, Aldon Smith Limited Practice Action

The NFL has released the Super Bowl XLVII injury report from Wednesday, and it has a few surprises with Niners Linebacker Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith seeing limited action in … Read More

Super Bowl XLVII Preview: Baltimore Ravens v. San Francisco 49ers

The NFL media website has great information about the Super Bowl for NFL members like this blogger. One of them is this preview document that was posted in the website. … Read More

West Oakland Urban Farm and Park Ground Breaking Ceremony, Oakland, Today, 1 PM

WOW! This is great news. If you recall from a past post, City Slicker Farms, one of Oakland’s great non-profits, is having a ground breaking of its planned and now … Read More

Hadiya Pendleton In Chicago, 8 Year In Oakland Old Killed By Guns Hadiya Pendleton was just 15-year-old, and shot in the back by someone who opened fire in a park near her high school on January 29th. That was this week, … Read More

Barbra Streisand To Sing At Oscars For First Time In 36 Years

AMPAS, the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, has sent this announcement on the return of Babra Streisand to The Oscars: Two-time Academy Award® winner Barbra Streisand, who has … Read More

Fruitvale: Oakland Film About Oscar Grant Wins Sundance Top Prize

Oscar Grant’s spirit lives on in the movie Fruitvale. Fruitvale won top prize at The Sundance Film Festival and for the depiction of Oscar Grant’s last days of his life … Read More

Super Bowl XLVII Party At Lake Chalet, Beach Chalet, Park Chalet, Oakland, SF

Super Bowl XLVII is just five days away. If you’re in either San Francisco or Oakland and looking for a Super Bowl Party to attend, visit the Lake Chalet in … Read More

President Obama Introduces Immigration Reform: Transcript

President Obama introduced his plan for comprehensive immigration reform just about two hours ago, today, in Las Vegas. And from watching his speech, it’s clear Obama didn’t use a teleprompter … Read More

The Castro Street Fair Announces 40th Ruby Anniversary Celebration: Sunday, October 6

The Castro Street Fair Board of Directors just announced the date for their Ruby Anniversary, celebrating 40 years! The fair will take place on Sunday, October 6, 2013 from 11 … Read More

Julie Buehler At Super Bowl XLVII Media Center, NOLA #Video

Julie Buehler, who readers may recall has the radio show Buehler’s Day Off at KXPS 1010 Palm Springs, CA, and where I co-hosted the show last July 2nd, is in … Read More

Newtown Shootings: Advice From Oakland Clinical Psychologists In the wake of the Newtown Shootings, many people have a lot of questions. But perhaps the most well-considered one concerns how do we spot a person who might … Read More

Paris Hilton Update: Reality TV Hit, India Visit, River Viiperi, Beach Club

Paris Hilton. We can tell she’s growing up, because the tabloids aren’t paying any attention to her. Remember, the only time Paris seemed to get any rabid attention was when … Read More

Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens Arrive Business Casual; Niners Are Casual

Super Bowl XLVII may come down to dress. In the tradition of the game, the team that comes dressed for business wins. But the catch is, most of the time, … Read More

Colin Kaepernick: Niners QB Goes From Unknown To Giant In One Year

To understand just how much Colin Kaepernick’s life has changed in one year, you only have to see Bay Area sportscaster Ken Wayne’s photo, where he came upon a giant … Read More

Ecuador Judge Alberto Guerra Paid Off By Steven Donziger In Chevron Case

Before you read the rest of the news, look at this video: Now, here’s the latest: Ecuador Judge Alberto Guerra has stepped forward to admit that he was paid off … Read More

Obama and Clinton On 60 Minutes, Transcript

President Obama and Secretary Of State Clinton appeared together on CBS’ 60 Minutes Sunday evening. What follows is the transcript from that TV event, assembled from the divided-by-page version published … Read More

Hope Solo Press Conference: Happy And Happily Married

Hope Solo has found her bliss. In an epic press conference held on Thursday, Hope Solo, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Goalkeeper, Olympic Gold Metalist, and new star of Seattle’s … Read More

National Women’s Soccer League Takes Off

The National Women’s Soccer League’s launching this year, and from preliminary appearances, it has the makings of a successful sports organization, and mostly for one reason: it has the financial … Read More

Screen Actors Guild Awards: Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Alec Baldwin Winners

The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards is history. Daniel Day-Lewis took home the Screen Actors Guild ‘Best Actor’ award for his amazing work as President Lincoln in Lincoln, meaning that … Read More