Zennie Abraham’s Zennie62Media News And Reputation Management Company At Cutting Edge

We hear that the ad model can’t pay for the production of news, anymore. Well, Zennie62Media, Inc., the three-year-old startup Delaware C-Corporation founded by its CEO Zennie Abraham, just might have the right alternative: using blogs, blogging, videos, and video-blogging as a key tool in the resolution of reputation management client’s problems.

Zennie Abraham, Oakland’s first news blogger and vlogger who created “Oakland Focus” and now “Oakland News Now Blog”, as well as the Zennie62 YouTube Channel (Oakland’s first YouTube Partner Channel), and has blogs representing Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, New York, Chicago, and more cities, says that for too long the world has operated under a kind of wall put up by print media.

“News was put in print and we called them newspapers”, Zennie said, “But, today, newspapers, for all practical purposes don’t exist: news is put online, on the Internet. There, a news article can take on the appearance of an Internet marketing presentation. What we do at Zennie62Media, Inc. is essentially design and distribute the news for our clients. In that process, our revenue model is vastly different from the traditonal ad-revenue-based approach.”

Zennie62Media Says That News Is Reputation Management

“If you think about it”, Zennie Abraham says, “news today is reputation management.” Zennie says that how someone refers to your product in a video or on television. What the overall story that’s told is. The appearance of the storyteller. The words, or what are called keywords, used in that overall platform post. All of that impacts the reputation of the person or company who’s the focus of the story.

Zennie62Media Reputation Management Means We Tell The Client’s News Story

Zennie62Media has an unique approach that involves many forms of media. Moreover, the Delaware C Corporation has an innovative retainer pricing strategy that assures effective work is consistently done. “You pay Zennie62Media in retainer blocks to a predetermined cost, and that’s that”, Zennie said. “We don’t wind up overcharging you because we did more work.”

Also, the platforms used also have ads on them, so Zennie62Media winds up gaining revenue in a way that’s multifaceted and more robust than the standard ad-focused model. Normally, Zennie62Media specializes in making WordPress blog and newssites, but uses many different platforms, from Blogger.com to Wix.com to YouTube and TikTok videos. “Basically, whatever the best approach is, whatber the client need is, we use the right tools for the job, “ Zennie said.

So, in closing, hire Zennie62Media, Inc. for your news content development and reputation management work. Visit Zennie62Media.com or email [email protected] or call 510-517-7565. Zennie62Media, a three-year-old Delaware C-Corporation, is also seeking investors

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