Ravens to Face 2014 AFC North Champion Bengals

Hello week 17. Ready or not the 8-7 Baltimore Ravens head to Cincinnati to take on the 2014 AFC North champion Bengals.

Even though they clinched a playoff spot, the Bengals plan to play their starters.

The big question is if the defending Super Bowl champions will make it to the post season.  It’s not a win, you’re in scenario. The Ravens need to win AND they need the San Diego Chargers or the Miami Dolphins to lose.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said they will not watch the out of town scoreboard and they will play to win.

“We plan on winning the game by any means necessary. After that it’s out of our control.” Said coach Harbaugh on the Ravens’ approach to Sunday.

Ravens to face AFC rival Bengals
Ravens to face AFC rival Bengals

The Ravens have been in this predicament before, though battle tested, this season they are missing a general, someone who can rally the troops.

Playing in Cincinnati is always tough and it will be even harder on Sunday. The Ravens hope to give them their first home loss this season.

The Ravens offense struggled in the last two games only scoring one touchdown. Quarterback Joe Flacco sprained his left knee two weeks ago; he imploded last week against the Patriots. He says he feels better, he’s not listed on the injury report, but he will wear the brace again on Sunday.

There is a mixed bag of predictions for this game. Some believe the Ravens will win, others say they are done for the season.

I think it comes down to Flacco and the offensive line. If the line can give Flacco more time with the ball, I believe he can put points on the board. If that doesn’t happen, the Ravens will be hitting the golf course next week.

Even if the Ravens win, it is out of their hands, whatever will be will be…

Good luck Ravens. I will hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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