No Signs Of Terrorists’ Entry In US Before 9-11

A number of sources are reporting news of federal and law enforcement officials’ concern that the terrorist organization al Qaeda, the same one responsible for the 9-11 attack on The World Trade Center, may have slipped terrorists in under U.S. Security screening before the 10th anniversary of the attacks. But the officials also note there’s no sign of any terrorist activity that could point to another 9-11 attack.

Since last Wednesday, officials have looked at tips that three al Qaeda operatives may be planning to set off a car bomb in either New York or Washington DC – the same style of attack that was thwarted last year, when a Pakistani transplant was arrested during such an attempt in Times Square.

Such terrorist threats are called “routine” but FBI people elected to make this one public because of the 9-11 timing. FBI Assistant Director James McJunkin told the media that “We expect we’re going to get an increase in threats and investigative activity around high – profile dates and events. This is a routine response for us.”

The tip came from a CIA informant that was said to have been “reliable” in the past. Reportedly the three men were ordered by new al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri to come to the United States and commit a terrorist act of some design as a way of al-Qaida staging its own celebration of the 9-11 10-year Anniversary.

Some Don’t Want To Think About 9-11

As we approach 9-11 2011, some don’t want to be reminded of the event. This blogger has received emails from forum where commenters either think the whole of reporting is a media plot, or they just don’t want to be reminded of such a terrible event.

That’s a mistake.

What happened on that day should never be forgotten, if only to remind us of man’s totally and complete inhumanity to man.

Bill Chachkes, a very good friend, gave a personal tour of World Trade Center Ground Zero in 2007.

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