John Boehner’s Being A Fuckhead At The Economy’s Expense

John Boehner (R) Ohio
GOP House Speaker John Boehner (R, 8th District Ohio) should be spanked, horse-collared, tarred and feathered, and just plain slapped in the face for his total fuckhead behavior at the expense of the economy and for nothing more than petty politics. Speaker Boehner – and some of his Republican followers – can’t stand the news that the U.S. Economy is improving (with the current rate at 8.6 percent and the jobless rate for almost all states dropping), and President Obama’s approval rating improving, so he’s got to try and engineer poor economic performance. And all for the idea that it would, maybe, give the GOP a chance to unseat Obama in the upcoming Presidential Election.

Fat chance.

But tell that to Speaker Boehner, who’s working to block the extension of the Payroll Tax Cut. On Tuesday, House Republicans voted against the Senate proposal to extend the Payroll Tax Cut for another two months and calling for a conference committee to resolve the problem he’s too chicken to fix himself. It’s not funny that the House GOP backs tax cuts they come up with, but not one Democrats want.

And in getting to that vote, John’s using tactics that are upsetting some GOP leaders like Senator Scott Brown, the new Republican who took Ted Kennedy’s place in a special election in 2010, and finds himself on what looks to be the losing end of a reelection battle against Elizabeth Warren. Senator Brown knows that killing the Payroll Tax Cut will sound the death of his reelection chances, so he’s calling out John Boehner:

“It angers me that House Republicans would rather continue playing politics than find solutions. Their actions will hurt American families and be detrimental to our fragile economy. We are Americans first; now is not the time for drawing lines in the sand.”

Good for Brown, but he’s in the Senate and doesn’t have to answer to John Boehner. It would be even cooler if a GOP House Member called out John Boehner.

But, GOP aside, it would be massively cooler, still, if the electorate would just vote the GOP House members up for reelection out of office. That would solve the problem for the future.

Stay tuned.

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