Nina Davuluri Wins Miss America: Racists Show Rampant Mental Illness

Nina Davuluri won the Miss America crown on Sunday, becoming the first Indian American to be so honored. That’s should be a cause of celebration, but in America’s complex society, … Read More

Oakland’s Michael A Lenoir 114th President Of The National Medical Association

Oakland’s Michael A. LeNoir, M.D., a well-known practicing Pediatrician and Allergist in the San Francisco Bay Area, was installed as the 114th president of the National Medical Association during the … Read More

Hawthorne Police Create Cainine Oscar Grant After Cops Shoots Dog Video

The Hawthorne Police, or more specifically the three officers who were involved in the shooting of Leon Rosby’s beloved Rotweiller, Max, have created the cainine version of the Oakland Oscar … Read More

Police Officer Shoots Dog In Front Of Owner In Hawthorne, California; Violates Vlogger’s Rights

A police officer shot Leon Rosby’s Rottweiler, Max, four times at point-blank range, after provoking the dog as if to get the animal to respond so that it could be … Read More

Chad Johnson Out Of Jail, Thanks Judge Kathleen McHugh

Chad Johnson has been released from jail as of Monday, and was the only one to thank Broward County, Florida Judge Kathleen McHugh for sending him to jail. Last week, … Read More

Roland Martin Out Of CNN Out In April As Jeff Zucker Releases Black Voices

Roland S. Martin, the CNN Contributor who, with Mark Preston, helped launch my first national TV exposure via the news giant, is departing April 6th. This comes on the heels … Read More

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