Chevron Ecuador Judge Nicolas Zambrano Dismissed; Correa Reverses On Media Suit

Nicolas Zambrano, the judge that awarded his own country fraudulently-obtained victory in the long-standing lawsuit against Chevron, was dismissed on Wednesday for the freeing of Cristian Suquisupa.

What Zambrano did was to reportedly find technicalities in Cristian Suquisupa’s documents that allowed him to go free. From the read of the news, and considering Ecuador’s corrupt political and judicial system, it looks like Nicolas Zambrano, along with his colleague Judge Leonardo Ordonez was caught helping a friend in Cristian Suquisupa, because a third judge, Luis Legna, disagreed with their order, and it would seem filed a complaint.

In other words he ratted on them.

The dismissal, done while both judges were on vacation, does not render the Chevron Ecuador damage award void.

President Correa Pardons Columnists

Trying to prove he has a heart, Ecuador President Rafael Correa pardoned the jailed and fined columnists and publishers of El Universo, the news organization that wrote critical posts about him. Correa said it was always about the truth.

No it’s not. It’s about Correa’s ego.

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