NASA Scientists Discover 715 Additional Planets – Guardian Liberty Voice

Guardian Liberty VoiceThere is further proof of inhabitable planets in the galaxy. Using data from, NASA announced Wednesday that data from the Kepler space telescope enabled scientists to discover 715 … Read More

Kepler’s comeback? New K2 mission could chase wilder targets – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles TimesDon’t call it a comeback just yet. Astronomers mourned the Kepler Space Telescope after it was crippled last year. But NASA’s planet hunter may be getting a second … Read More

NASA confirms 715 planets outside solar system – USA TODAY

USA TODAYSuddenly we’re rolling in planets. Wednesday, scientists confirmed discovery of a whopping 715 new planets orbiting stars other than our own sun, nearly doubling the number of such planets … Read More

Planet bonanza! Refined technique for planet ID nearly doubles total. (+video) – Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science MonitorAstronomers have uncovered 715 previously unannounced planets after using a new technique for sifting through the first two years’ worth of data from NASA’s Kepler mission. Skip to … Read More

NASA Kepler telescope discovers 715 new planets – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning HeraldNASA has announced a torrent of new planet discoveries, hailing a “bonanza” of 715 worlds now known outside the solar system thanks to the Kepler space telescope’s planet-hunting … Read More

NASA Kepler telescope doubles number of known planets outside solar system – Washington Post

Washington PostTo the list of planets orbiting distant stars, add another 715. That’s the number of planets, strewn among 305 planetary systems, popping out of the observational data from NASA’s … Read More

NASA oversight led to spacewalker’s near drowning, panel finds – Reuters

ReutersCAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) – A panel investigating an astronaut’s near drowning during a spacewalk outside the International Space Station in July found that his spacesuit leaked during an earlier … Read More

Astronaut Nearly Drowned in Space Due to NASA’s Poor Communication … – ABC News

ABC NewsNASA admitted today that Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano nearly drowned during his July 16 spacewalk last year because information about a previous water leak didn’t make its way up … Read More

NASA could have prevented near-drowning of astronaut during July spacewalk … – Fox News

Fox NewsNASA officials admitted the near-drowning of an astronaut on a spacewalk last summer could have been prevented, investigators said in a report issued Wednesday. That’s the conclusion of an … Read More

Diving Into Kepler Data, Astronomers Discover Hundreds of Planets – New York Times

New York TimesKepler’s view of the sky taken in 2009. Its mission was to hunt for exoplanets among the approximately 4.5 million stars pictured here. Credit NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech. the main story. … Read More

Southern California Prepares for One-Two Storm Punch – NBC Southern California

NBC Southern CaliforniaThe wildfire scorched nearly 38 square miles of the Santa Monica Mountains as it burned from the edges of suburban homes down to the beach about 50 miles … Read More

LADEE Sends Images Of Lunar Surface Home For The First Time (LINK) – Headlines & Global News

Headlines & Global NewsThe LADEE mission sent pictures of the lunar back to Earth taken that were taken with onboard camera systems called “star trackers.” The star trackers are meant … Read More

NASA moon dust probe LADEE relays first images home – State Column

State ColumnNASA has released the first five images sent back by it’s lunar atmosphere proble LADEE. The State Column, Justin Beach | February 18, 2014. Tweet. NASA has released the … Read More

Strange ribbon of energy at the edge of solar system – Northern Voices Online

Northern Voices OnlineA strange ribbon of energy and particles has been found by the NASA spacecraft. And its detection has turned up into a crucial source of understanding things for … Read More

Asteroid to hurtle past the Earth at 27000 mph – ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid which is three times the size of a football pitch and travelling at 27,000 miles an hour will pass close to Earth on Monday night. Although … Read More

Mars ‘Jelly Doughnut’ Mystery Solved: It’s Just A Rock, NASA Says – Ktoo

KtooThis composite image provided by NASA shows before-and-after images taken by the Opportunity rover on Mars of a patch of ground taken on Dec. 26, 2013, showing the “Pinnacle Island” … Read More

NASA solves mystery of Mars ‘doughnut’ rock – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning HeraldNASA scientists have finally been able to explain the origin of the mysterious rock shaped like a jelly doughnut that appeared near the rover Opportunity in early January. … Read More

NASA Obtains New Information About Galactic Magnetic Field – Guardian Liberty Voice

Guardian Liberty VoiceNASA obtains new information about galactic magnetic field after comparing notes between observatories on Earth and the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) craft regarding the direction of incoming high … Read More

NASA Spacecraft Discovers Strange Magnetic ‘Ribbon’ At Edge Of Solar System – International Business Times

International Business TimesCosmic ray intensities (left) compared with predictions from IBEX (right). The blue area represents regions of lower fluxes of cosmic rays. The gray and white lines separate regions … Read More

NASA’s IBEX Helps Find A Cosmic Roadmap To Galactic Magnetic Field – The Utah People’s Post

The Utah People’s PostNASA’s spacecraft Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), which was launched the previous year, was the first to help paint a picture of the magnetic system beyond the solar … Read More

‘Jelly Doughnut’ Rock Mystery Solved: NASA Says Opportunity Did Not Witness … – University Herald

University HeraldJelly Donut Rock (Photo : Mars Exploration Rover Mission, Cornell, JPL, NASA) The scientist who filed the lawsuit against NASA argues the rock was there the whole time and … Read More

Strange Ribbon is a ‘Roadmap in the Sky’ for the Interstellar Magnetic Field, say … – French Tribune

French TribuneA NASA spacecraft was the first to spot a strange ribbon of energy and particles at the edge of the solar system. Scientists have said that it appears to … Read More

‘The Mystery of the Martian Doughnut’ solved by NASA sleuths – Register

RegisterNASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory says it has solved the mystery of a doughnut-shaped rock that appeared in front of its Opportunity Mars rover in January. Mars doughnut. Before and after … Read More

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