Edward Snowden Reportedly To Iceland From Moscow Today; Left Hong Kong

UPDATE: Edward Snowden To Go To Ecuador, Not Iceland, Still In Moscow

Edward Snowden, the NSA Whisleblower with a U.S. Government warrant for his arrest out, is in Moscow, having just arrived their from Hong Kong, and thanks to the legal and financial assistance of WikiLeaks and Hong Kong human rights officials.

Snowden has been criminally charged by the USA:

And after reportedly being seen by journalists there at the airport, was either hidden away, as Irina Galushko in Moscow, said that “some guy taken hostage by journos; got into car with #ecuador embassy plates..”


And journalists surrounded the BMW reportedly belonging to the Ecuador Ambassador:


And this update: Mr. Snowden is on his way to the Ecudorian Embassy in Moscow.

But this brand new report says that after being in Moscow, Mr. Snowden is going to Oslo, Norway, tonight.

He’s headed to Iceland. Read (from Google Translate):

Snowden claimed that fly to Iceland
National Indicator 23 June 2013 13:28

Hawk Wood Alfredsson writes:

Øystein Jakobsen, member of the Norwegian killer, claims to reveal denominator Edward Snowden will land at Oslo airport in Norway tonight. From there he will fly to Iceland.

According to Aftenposten are Jakobsen meet Snowden at the airport, but he landed in Moscow recently during a flight from Hong Kong.

U.S. authorities on Friday gave the prosecution against Snowden for intelligence and requested that the authorities in Hong Kong to the handheld device him.

Snowden had gone there incognito ever since he turned him in for gross systematic control of U.S. authorities by telephone and the Internet many people.

Authorities in Hong Kong did not give up on it yesterday if we would become a U.S. request to arrest Snowden.

Stay tuned.

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