Steve Gleason, Lou Gehrig’s Disease Focus After Atlanta 790 The Zone Prank

stevegleason Steve Gleason and Lou Gehrig’s Disease get the rightful focus after 790 The Zone Atlanta fired Nick Cellini, Steve “Steak” Shapiro, and Chris Dimino for making a Monday morning segment of their now-terminated Mayhem In The AM show mocking the former NFL, New Orleans Saints Safety’s condition.

The now-former shock jocks, shocked too many people and, as Nick Cellini would later say via Twitter, it was a stupid attempt at humor, emphasis on stupid, and it cost all of them their jobs.

Meanwhile just what Lou Gehrig’s Disease is , is now in focus.

According to, Lou Gehrig’s Disease is also called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS:

Amyotrophic means that the muscles have lost their nourishment. When this happens, they become smaller and weaker. Lateral means that the disease affects the sides of the spinal cord, where the nerves that nourish the muscles are located; and sclerosis means that the diseased part of the spinal cord develops hardened or scarred tissue in place of healthy nerves.

The disease is named for Lou Gehrig, the MLB Hall-Of-Fame baseball player for the New York Yankees who was diagnosed with ALS in the 1930s. It damages motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord that control muscle movement. Over time those motor neurons fade, making simple tasks like walking or lifting a cup difficult.

Visit for more information and to donate toward research.

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