Gender Wage Gap Infographic Shows Male – Female Income Inequality

The gender wage gap is a much talked about problem, but one not fully appreciated because there was not an image that could effectively communicate the problem. Well, not any more.

This infographic developed by LearnStuff is a good step in the right direction. It reports many statistics in a easy-to-grasp way. For example, women pay the same amount to attend college (estimated at $90,000) and have the same average level of college-related debits, said to be at $22,900. And women gain higher average GPA’s that men over the same time in college.

But with all that, women still make less than men after college, and that’s true regardless of education levels.

And at the current rate of improvement in pay for women, it will take another almost 4 decades to catch up to men. At that point, Gross Domestic Product will increase by 9 percent over what it would have been with a gender unequal system.

Here’s the infographic:


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