Dancing With The Stars Winner Is JR Martinez

So, amid all of the arguments over the Dancing With The Stars cast, and all of the bad treatment and hard feelings about how Hope Solo was treated, Iraq War Veteran JR Martinez took home the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Congratulations to Jose Rene “JR” Martinez and his dancing partner the lovely Karina Smirnoff. It was a great win for a man who’s spirit captured the heart of America, and won new friends in Hollywood. But it must be said that JR took to the Dancing With The Stars effort with gusto, focus, and a smile.

It also helps that he has a PR firm watching out for his image.

And Ms. Solo danced with her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and did very well.

That JR won and Hope Solo lost also means this blogger had to buy San Francisco KGO TV’s Larry Beil lunch at The Royal Exchange.

Here’s how that went:

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