The biggest thing that I got out of the most recent episode of Jersey Shore (the second to last episode in Italy) is that there will be another season in Seaside. After doing further research there is speculation that season five in New Jersey will be the final season, and that they have already finished filming it. They always end up filming the next season by the time they do the reunion show for the current one.

Anyway, there were debates about who would room with whom when they got back to Seaside – the biggest argument being that no one wants to room with Situation.

Let me take a moment to say that Ron and Sam did well this season in their relationship, and I think that they have actually formed a healthy relationship. The beginning was rough, but now it seems like the relationship has mellowed out and become drama free – so for that great job Ron and Sam. I know it’s unpopular, but Sammi is my favorite on the show; I can really appreciate her because I have been through some of the same things she has.

Deena spent the episode trying to have sex with Pauly D, but he insists that if they have sex it will ruin their friendship. He then gets in bed with Vinny and pretends that the two of them are having sex.

The Meatballs get drunk and go in the hot tub together – where Deena may have relieved herself, because she said she had to pee, but Snooki assured her that she could just pee in the jacuzzi. Oh, the two also dress up like hookers and walk around Florence.

Snooki and Jionni as of right now are not boyfriend and girlfriend, but they aren’t over. I am not sure of how their relationship is currently as of today, but I am following it through the episodes and I think that they will get back together.

Situation also gets into a fight with an angry mob and he realizes how alone he is in the house – everyone is sick of him.

Next episode is the final episode in Italy!

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