Platinum : All Women Dance Group At Oakland Pride, This Sunday

Platinum is an Oakland dance group like no other. It’s the all-women dance group product of Oakland’s New Style Motherlode, and includes a friend of my from my Skyline High School days, Amy Larsen.

If that name rings a bell, it’s because she was in this space earlier just one year ago, talking about the then-upcoming New Year’s Eve performance called “Heat.”

Since that time, Platinum has performed at a number of venues around Oakland and the East Bay. As Amy explains “The group grew out of a performance workshop program initiated by NSM (New Style Motherlode) about 5 years ago. We dance to stay in shape and because we love it. However we PERFORM to INSPIRE our audiences to do what they love to do, no matter the age, no matter the experience level, just get out there and dance!

And dance is what this group of hotties does. Platinum’s next stop: Oakland Pride, this Sunday, September 4th. The women will perform at the Uptown Stage at 1:20 PM.

Here’s video from Platinum’s recent performance at The Temescal Street Festival::

Platinum – Prince Mix – Temescal 2011 from Terry Smith on Vimeo.

Stay tuned.

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