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Zennie62Media Online Reputation Management

Zennie62Media’s core competency is reputation management. It’s an evolution of a business we once called SBSON and featured in the video :

And considering that we have a giant network of over 100 blogs (featuring Oakland News Now) and are on over 300 social networks, we’re better able to help you and your needs than other firms.

Just ask a reputation management firm if they have their own way of quickly making blogs and videos and photos and content?

If they say no, then you’re taking a risk in employing them; hire Zennie62media with a click here. When you hire Zennie62Media, we get to work on day one with constant results starting that day, and through our engagement.

We have helped many rescue their reputations online, and we can do it faster than others who don’t produce their own content. No one can just ‘call Google and make a change’ as that doesn’t always work; some websites don’t respond quickly, if at all, and for many reasons. You need more – you need a content developer like Zennie62Media.

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