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Zennie62 on YouTube has always worked to use the latest in platform-based digital video technology featuring YouTube (because Zennie62 is a YouTube Partner Channel) to bring content to you. On February 17th, YouTube launched YouTube Live Mobile and for a time only to YouTube Partners with over 10,000 subscriptions. Zennie62 YouTube Livestream grew out of this new system.

Since then, the objective has been to focus on not just connecting Zennie Abraham with fans of the channel, but interviewing people by combining Skype video with YouTube. This makes it possible to conduct conversations with notable people regardless of where they are.

Since that technical format became the foundation for Zennie62 YouTube Livestream broadcasts, we have had on long time friend and sports agent Leigh Steinberg, Randy Sutton of COPS fame, Super Bowl 50 Producer Stephanie Martin, Dr. Death and San Diego Chargers Bolt Man, and plan to schedule more celebrities, movers, and shakers.

Zennie62 YouTube Livestream hs caused the channel to grow and each show draws between 1,800 and 4,000 viewers to date. If you are a publicist and have a client who is an NFL athlete, a politician or public official, an actor or actress, a book author or movie director / producer, a fitness model or fashion model, a tech startup founder, or someone doing something that’s interesting and game-changing, send an email to [email protected]

Meanwhile, here’s the video channel playlist and livestream events schedule of past, current, and future guests.

The show schedule is Sunday through Thursday, 11:30 pm to 1:30 am EST – though the schedule is flexible for the guest. When there is no guest, Zennie Abraham gives his take on the news of the day and takes questions and comments from his fans, The Zensters.

Also email us about sponsor inquiries. Details upon request.

2017 NFL Annual Meeting Oakland Raiders Press Conference Livestream

Star Trek: Discovery Press Conference Livestream At San Diego Comic Con 2017:

Oakland Coliseum JPA Meeting For Forever Oakland Initiative 10-20-2017 October 17th, 20171 PM EST
NFL Fall Owners Meeting New York 2017 Livestream October 17th, 20171 PM EST
Dr. Jen Welter On Being First Female Coach in NFL History October 11th, 20178 PM EST
Francesca Zappitelli WWE Star Interview On Her Movie Ballerina I Am Not October 11th, 20178 PM EST
Fmr Peralta Chancellor Elihu Harris Talks Oakland A’s Ballpark Laney College September 21, 20178 PM EST
Megan Freels Johnston Interview Her Movie “The Ice Cream Truck” 2017 July 18th, 20178 PM EST
Dr. Death Former Oakland Raiders Fan Talks Las Vegas August 15th, 20177 PM EST
Ken Houston Oakland Activist Talks Sit-In The StreetJune 5th, 20177 PM EST
Susan Johnston of New Media Film Festival June 6-8 Los AngelesMay 27th, 20177 PM EST
Godfather Griz of Raider Nation / 66th MOBMay 9th, 201710 PM EST
Teka Thomas on Vrypac.com BackpackApril 22nd, 201710 PM EST
Stephanie Martin on Super Bowl 50 San FranciscoApril 20th, 201710 PM EST
Jim Thomas on St. Louis NFL LawsuitApril 17th, 201710 PM EST
Rick SeritellaApril 17th, 201712:30 PM EST
Bolt Man, Dr. Death Talk NFL RelocationApril 13th, 201710 PM EST
Randy Sutton of COPS on Las Vegas and NFLApril 7th, 201710 PM EST
Nestor Aparicio WNST Baltimore SportsApril 5th, 201710 PM EST
Leigh Steinberg On Oakland Raiders Las Vegas, NFL DraftApril 5th, 201710 PM EST
Dr. Death Talk Oakland Raiders and Las VegasMarch 21st, 201710 PM EST
Bauce Man and Dr. Death Talk Oakland Raiders and Las VegasMarch 5th, 201710 PM EST

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