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Zennie Abraham – Zennie62Media, Inc. provides the following services as a major part of our work online in Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing AKA Digital Marketing, Reputation Management and Digital Strategy.

Zennie62Media, Inc. is based around a Active YouTube Channel Zennie62, a blog aggregator, YouTube Channel Zennie62, and 95 other blogs and a giant set of social media platforms all that are used to make and distribute video-blog news and commentary, One person, a Zennie62 vlogger in Kiev, Ukraine as an example, can use their smartphone to upload a video to Zennie62 on YouTube, which then automatically becomes 15 separate blog posts on 15 blog platforms owned by Zennie62Media, Inc., and is then sent out over our vast Zennie62Media social media network. News, delivered quickly and cheaply, many many times a day – with one person does work that 20 once did. You can invest in Zennie62Media with a click here: Zennie62 Invest.

<h2>Zennie62Media Client Work</h2>

For clients, we at Zennie62Media, Inc. do the following work:

1) Influencer Marketing / Brand Mention – Your brand or yourself mentioned in specially formed video-blog and blog posts, social media content, including tweets, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and many other entries – and with links to your website where possible.

The objective is not “link building” but influncer marketing and brand promotion via content development, which includes several objectives, including search engine optimization (SEO) aimed at getting you noticed. As a note, we follow guidelines regarding disclosure of engagement and forward looking statements. Viewers appreciate authenticity: when we explain we were engaged to tell them about a product, it actually helps market the product better.

2) Content Development, Vlogging, Blogging – This is what we do to achieve the objectives in “Brand Mention” but we also make vlogs and blogs and social media – based texts, videos, and photos to cover a news assignment if that is what your need is. We also build entire websites. It’s also what we do as part of our normal, daily media work.

3) Infographic Design – Infographics are simple, colorful ways of explaining often complex ideas. Zennie Abraham – Zennie62Media is an expert in the creation of inforgraphics to communicate a message, and is a subset of our content development work.

4) Content Marketing via Social Media and Email

5) Webblog Design and Development – Zennie Abraham – Zennie62Media has almost 100 blogs, and hundreds of specially made social media platforms. We make them for ourselves and our clients – let us help you.

6) Social Media Marketing – Need to establish a social media trend that the World will see? You’ve come to the right place. Need a Facebook Page? Need a Twitter Account? Need a Yelp Profile? Need a Foursquare Profile? Let Zennie Abraham – Zennie62Media do it for you.

7) Press Release Writing and Distribution – We write, post, and distribute press releases that are social media savvy.

We stand ready to meet your needs and objectives: email [email protected]

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