Was Oakland Mayor Quan’s Husband Driving Drunk In Art Murmur Video?

UPDATE: a friend called to assert that Dr. Floyd Huen does not drink and the video-person was being inappropriate to he and the Mayor of Oakland.

Floyd Huen
Floyd Huen
Was Floyd Huen, the husband of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, drunk in a very embarrassing video that’s making the rounds?

Watch this video, as it appears to show Floyd trying to get into the face of one of the video-blogger. The distributors of the video have their own agenda regarding gentrification, and so much so they miss the real message of their own video, but they’re barking up the wrong tree and need to visit Governor Jerry Brown, who started the whole deal when he was Mayor. Picking on Quan’s a lost cause – Oakland’s so far down the path of “gentrification” that Oakland Local and others making an issue of it now are about 12 years too late to the party.

But I digress. Here’s the video, which skips all the messaging crap to start at the most important part:

The video shows what I’ve always observed: that Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is the only one to have ever walked without a bodyguard or police protection in decades. It’s almost always just she and Floyd Huen.

Moreover, at the time this video was made during Art Murmur last Friday, it looks like Floyd was totally lit – drunk. On top of that, it looks like he got into the driver’s side of their Toyota Prius and started driving.

Man, this looks real bad, and could totally wreck Mayor Quan’s bid for re-election.

If she has that in mind.

Stay tuned.

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