VPN (Virtual Private Network) Is A Must Have For Travelers

Whether you travel for work, or vacation, a virtual private network is a must-have for any jet setter. Many countries around the world have set up blockades to various websites, whether it’s social networks, foreign news sites, and even some email providers. As current events in these countries fluctuate, it can be hard for the American businessperson or tourist to keep up with what’s going on outside the country or simply updating the family on the current trip, as events can lead to changes in how normal people can surf the web.

For example, Iranians use VPN to get around the extensive government Internet filter for the sake of accessing Facebook and for non-government sponsored news. A VPN may be part of the day-to-day routine of an Iranian, but an American or European not used to the government filter will be in for a big surprise when he or she touches down in Tehran. A VPN is the only way for a foreigner to be able to use the Internet as needed in a country like Iran. Although the current election cycle in Iran right now has rendered VPNs useless because of additional Internet blockades, a VPN with a foreign IP address (foreign to Iran) is a must-have for travelers to perform simple tasks like sending an email or conducting a conference call.

Now, Iran isn’t the only country in the world that has government Internet filers and blockades. China, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam also have strong Internet surveillance, and these countries are popular destinations for both leisure travelers and business travelers. A VPN from providers like ocshield.com and vpn4all.com will also work in these countries, and will work on a variety of mobile devices and platforms. A VPN is also useful for accessing online payment sites such as PayPal, since these sites monitor for unusual IP addresses and may accidentally shut you out of your own funds. By using a VPN with an ‘Anchor IP’ address in your home country, you’d still be able to use PayPal to make an online purchase, or to book your plane ticket home.

Overall, a VPN is a must-have for any frequent traveler, since the Internet is not the same across the globe. Some countries block websites, while some websites may be suspicious of that Chinese IP address you’re suddenly using since you’re in an Internet café in Beijing. A VPN not only provides smooth sailing for surfing the web, but it also allows you to do so securely and without hassle. And when on a trip to a foreign country, the last thing you want is hassle.

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