Upset: Robert Griffin III Wins Heisman Over Andrew Luck

Robert Griffin III is a dream-stealer.

The Heisman Trophy was all set to go to Stanford’s record-setting Quarterback Andrew Luck at the award ceremony last night. But, like NBA Commissioner David Stern stealing Chris Paul dreams from LA Lakers fans last week, it didn’t happen because RG3 was in the mix. Er, Robert Griffin III, the more-record-setting-than-Andrew-Luck QB from Baylor. Mr. Griffin earned so many first place votes over Luck, it wasn’t funny. But then, if you’ve seen his highlights, what he did on the field wasn’t funny, either. When people use terms like “video-game” to describe an athletes play, you have to watch what he did.

Not that Andrew Luck can’t run…

But while Luck had impressive numbers this year (3,170 yards, 167 QB rating), it was still a good light year behind Robert Griffin III (3,998 yards, 192 QB rating, an NCAA record).

So who’s better in the NFL, Luck or Griffin? Both are better prospects than Blaine Gabbert was before the 2011 NFL Draft, and he was way-over-hyped by the (ethical?) marketing efforts of Sports Agent Tom Condon. Personally, I hope Luck doesn’t pick Condon as his agent for the 2012 NFL Draft; better Leigh Steinberg.

But I digress.

If I were the Colts, I’d pick Robert Griffin even though Andrew Luck is more NFL-ready than Griffin is. Luck’s played in an NFL-offense at Stanford, and knows how to make sure the team’s lined up in any number of formations and sets. He knows how to read defenses off those formations.

But. What Robert Griffin does when the ball is snapped is something special. Luck can’t match his combination of running speed and passing accuracy. The formation stuff you can teach him – that’s what coaches are supposed to do. The other stuff you can’t teach.

One thing’s for certain: Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, Terrell Pryor, and Robert Griffin are going to change the NFL game.

Stay tuned.

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