The Eco Carton: A Startup With An Answer To Plastic Pollution

The Eco Carton. LeeAnn Powers just may have found an answer to the pollution problem.

by Karen A. Brown –
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I met LeeAnn Powers about a month ago. She and her husband have found a way to slow down the plastic pollution in our oceans. This is huge and the campaign ends tonight so please jump in a donate if you can!
KAB: Why did you develope the Eco-Carton and get involved?
LAP: I wanted to improve on the existing carton design, and provide a solution to the ever increasing problem of plastic pollution.  Getting to the root of the plastic pollution problem first has to start with an alternative to the plastic bottles. I initially introduced Carton packaged water into the US back in 2006 with an imported water. Recently we wanted to develop a better carton, more eco-freindly and one that would utilize less plastic. Our team decided to come up with a carton that would be the greenest package.
KAB: What makes the Eco-Carton different from a regular carton?
LAP: We utilize a mineralized barrier coating on the inside and outside of the carton instead of a plastic coating that is used on all cartons in the market today.  This new innovative carton will be easier to recycle and less VOC’s will go into the air (which causes pollution).If all cartons utilized our technique it would considerable reduce the amount of plastics that are used.
KAB: Does anything leach into the water from the mineralized barrier coating?
LAP: Nothing leaches into the water. The mineralized barrier coating are natural minerals and maintains it’s integrity to the carton.  Just clean refreshing tasting water.
KAB: Is the Eco-Carton affordable?
LAP: One of our main objectives was to make the Eco-Carton affordable so the consumer would not have to compromise their budget to be green.
KAB: What are your hopes for the Eco-Carton?
LAP: We would like to see all beverages use a variant of the Eco-Carton to reduce plastic usage. We hope one day this will reduce the flow of plastic bottles into the oceans, lakes and rivers.
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