The Dirties: A Movie About Planning A School Shooting. Kevin Smith Presented At Comic Con

Matthew+Miller+Dirties+Portraits+2013+Sundance+kU5XW-LAFZvl Comic Con regular Kevin Smith has presented a number of movies at the San Diego Convention Center over the years, but this one, called The Dirties, is undoubtedly the most controversial one he’s brought to Hall H.

The Dirties is about a group of high school teens who are planning a school shooting. The official press release reads:

Synopsis: When two best friends team up to film a comedy about getting revenge on bullies, the exercise takes a devastating turn when one of them begins to think of it as more than a joke.

Director: Matt Johnson
Starring: Matt Johnson, Owen Williams
Screenplay: Matt Johnson, Evan Morgan

Available In Theaters and On Demand October 4, 2013

While it’s timely in the wake of the number of school shootings that have marked the 21st Century, it’s also disturbing in that it makes the whole think seem, well, kinda cool. Watch the trailer:

Stay tuned.

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