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Zennie62Media Approved For 2014 CES Las Vegas; 5th Straight Year

Zennie62Media will return as blogger press for the 2014 2014 CES Las Vegas. It marks the 5th straight year that Zennie62Media has been approved to cover the giant consumer electronic show. While the conference program has not been announced, and will not be until October 1, 2013, the Zennie62Media focus will continue to be Hollywood […]

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Zennie62 On YouTube Passes 47 Million Video Views

The pioneer YouTube Partner Channel has over 2,400 videos, covered seven NFL Drafts, Oscars Red Carpet, produced news commentary video-blogs, like this one: Zennie62, a YouTube video channel established April of 2006, has passed 47 million total video views. “It’s a milestone on the way to 50 million,” Zennie Abraham, it’s Executive Producer, says,”and I’ll […]

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Jessica Northey, Gwen Sebastian, Dylan Taylor, Tracy Taylor, DJ DU at NMX Vegas

This was a fun time on Monday night, January 7th, just before CES officially started, and before the last day of NMX. Jessica Northey, Gwen Sebastian, Dylan Taylor, Tracy Taylor, DJ DU were all at Planet Hollywood for Jessica’s “Twangout” at NMX Vegas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lB2BhHmUOc This is the first of several videos to come from that […]

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DragonCon Atlanta clouded by founders’ child molestation charges

Keywords: DragonCon, Atlanta, Ed Winter, child molestation, lawsuit, Atlanta Magazine, zennie62, zennie abraham DragonCon Atlanta’s set to get underway August 30th through September 3rd, and expects to draw 40,000 people to five hotels in Downtown Atlanta. But there’s one problem and this blogger was alerted to it via an email that contained this text: Dear […]

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Orb Home Digital Entertainment System from Oakland firm

Keywords: Orb, Oakland, Apple iTV, Joe Costello, home digital entertainment, zennie62, zennie abraham This is a blog post that was originally at Zennie2005.blogspot.com, but was not imported to Zennie62.com. It also appears on SFGate.com. So, I figured it was high time to reuse the text for content here on our new blog. Here’s the text: […]

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YouTube Analytics Much Better Than YouTube Insight

There are an estimated 20,000 YouTube Partners, or people who make some level of money from the production, uploading, and distribution of their own original content videos. Zennie62 is one of YouTube’s first partner channels during the first year it was established, and that’s going all the way back to April of 2008, when the […]

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Oakland, California : Another Oakland Parking Issue Report

This is yet another email this Oakland, California blogger has received on the Oakland Parking issue. In this case, an $83 ticket was given for an unmarked crosswalk and un-designated “no parking” area – a photo would help here, but it was not provided as of this writing. Here’s the email, which I was asked […]

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Zennie62.com Moves From Blogger To WordPress

After something like six years, and over 10,000 blog posts, Zennie62.com has officially moved from Blogger to WordPress. This doesn’t mean we’re quitting Google’s Blogger – there are over 90 blogs still there – but Zennie62.com now goes to Zennie62blog.com, rather than Zennie2005.blogspot.com. It also means that link traffic from searches redirect from Zennie2005.blogspot.com to […]