Ousted Ukrainian president blasts opposition, as Russian forces reportedly enter … – Fox News

Fox NewsOusted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych surfaced in Russia Friday, thundering defiantly against the “pro-fascist hooligans” who drove him from office, as Russian armored vehicles rumbled across Crimea and reports … Read More

Is it too late for Kiev to woo Russian-speaking Ukraine? – Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science MonitorWith Russian military forces now in Crimea and the regional government claiming loyalty to impeached President Viktor Yanukovych, it looks as if the new government in Kiev may … Read More

Crimea Parliament Seized; Ousted Ukraine President Issues Defiant Statement – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalRussian forces began exercises on Thursday, as armed pro-Russia activists took over the Crimean parliament building and fugitive former Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych released a defiant statement. Via … Read More

Ukraine crisis: Yatsenyuk is PM-designate, Kiev Maidan told – BBC News

BBC NewsUkraine’s new interim government has been presented at Kiev’s main protest camp, the Maidan, following last week’s ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych. The Maidan council named Arseniy Yatsenyuk to … Read More

Ukraine crisis: Russia’s options – BBC News

BBC NewsRussia has voiced alarm and anger at the overthrow of Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych by protesters in Kiev. Prof Andrei Zagorski, a political analyst at Moscow’s Institute of World … Read More

Ukraine: Interim leader Turchynov stresses “European choice” – BBC News

BBC NewsUkraine’s new interim President Oleksandr Turchynov has said the country will focus on closer integration with the EU. Mr Turchynov was appointed following the dismissal of President Viktor Yanukovych … Read More

Ukraine crisis: Protesters remain in central Kiev as MPs meet – BBC News

BBC NewsThousands of protesters remain in central Kiev as MPs meet to discuss seeting up a new government in Ukraine. The atmosphere in Independence Square appears calm – a day … Read More

Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych Driven From Power – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalLarge crowds entered ousted Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych’s residential compound outside Kiev on Saturday. Photo: Getty Images. KIEV, Ukraine—The whereabouts of President Viktor Yanukovych were unknown Sunday, the … Read More

Ukraine President Yanukovych sacks army chief amid crisis – BBC News

BBC NewsUkrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has sacked the head of the armed forces, Col Gen Volodymyr Zamana, according to the president’s website. The move comes after the most intense violence … Read More

Ukraine Opposition Plans March on Parliament After Merkel Talks – Businessweek

BusinessweekAn anti-government protester stands on a barricade in Kiev, on February 15, 2014. Photographer: Martin Bureau/AFP via Getty Images. Ukrainian opposition groups plan to march on parliament to push lawmakers … Read More

Ukraine’s Arbuzov Wants Kiev Streets Cleared by Next Week – Bloomberg

BloombergMeanwhile, EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule has scheduled talks with President Viktor Yanukovych today in Kiev after meeting opposition leaders yesterday. Protesters angry about Yanukovych’s November snub of an EU … Read More

Ukraine protests: President Viktor Yanukovych to return – BBC News

BBC NewsUkrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is returning to work on Monday after four days of sick leave, with protesters still demanding he give up power. Thousands of anti-government protesters have … Read More

Ukraine opposition set for talks with John Kerry – New Straits Times

New Straits TimesKIEV: Ukraine’s opposition leaders were set to meet US Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday, after the army urged embattled President Viktor Yanukovych to act urgently to … Read More

Ukraine Warring Sides Sharpen Rhetoric as President Out Sick (1) – Businessweek

BusinessweekAnti-government protesters stand at a road block in Kiev on Jan. 30, 2014. Photographer: Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images. Ukraine’s opposition accused President Viktor Yanukovych of foul play as he took sick … Read More

Ukraine government resigns, parliament scraps anti-protest laws amid crisis – CNN

CNNKiev, Ukraine (CNN) — Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his government Tuesday, amid a political crisis fired by violent protests on the … Read More

Ukraine President Offers Posts to Opposition Leaders – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalUkrainian opposition leaders, from left, Vitali Klitschko, Oleh Tyagnybok and Arseniy Yatsenyuk attended a meeting on Independence Square in Kiev after the talks with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. … Read More

Ukraine president says he’ll name rival as prime minister, but opposition … – Washington Post

Washington PostMOSCOW — Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych offered Saturday night to make two of his adversaries prime minister and deputy prime minister, pledged to support amending harsh new laws against … Read More