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Did Kennesaw Mountain High School, GA Overreact To Twitter Tweets?

Kennesaw Mountain High School in Kennesaw, GA was the focus of a Twitter-based threat that caused the school to be on a security alert Thursday and Friday. But a look at the situation by Zennie62.com didn’t reveal one smoking gun Twitter-tweet, but did find a lot of tweets referring to the possible occurrence of a […]

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Stephanie McCaffrey Destroys BC Soccer Career Via Twitter, Sandusky Tweets

Stephanie McCaffrey, whose Twitter bio is “Just off the binky, time to get kinky,” for now, has destroyed her Boston College soccer career after posting insensitive Twitter Tweets about rival Penn State, with references to the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal that has come to color PSU’s image. Stephanie McCaffrey was BC’s second leading scorer, but […]

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2012 NFL Draft And Social Media: Zennie62 On Tonya Hall Radio Tuesday Morning

The 2012 NFL Draft is history, and while “Draftniks” are grading how NFL teams did, this blogger’s looking at how the NFL itself performed in social media. This blog post is both in preparation for, and will serve as kind of a primer for, a Tuesday morning radio show talk on The Tonya Hall Radio […]

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Soccer Beats NFL At Twitter Tweets-Per-Second: Chelsea V Barcelona Over NFL Draft

The NFL bought the hashtag #NFLDraft today, but really should have done it on Thursday, the first day of The 2012 NFL Draft. Why? Because the League would have been in a better position to maintain its sports-related Twitter Tweets-Per-Second dominance, when the Indianapolis Colts selection of Andrew Luck was officially announced at the NFL […]

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Jessica Dorrell’s Sleeping With Petrino Got Her Job Over Better Ex-Atlanta Falcons Player

(Note: In case you are just coming into this story, here’s some video background:) UPDATE: Petrino Will Not Challenge Firing; Dorrell Placed On Leave The Jessica Dorrell / Bobby Petrino Sex Scandal seems to get juicier and juicier after Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long fired the popular and successful head coach. Now, new reports are […]

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2012 Grammys Breaks NFL Super Bowl XLVI Twitter Tweets Per Second Record

This blogger has been waiting for Twitter to release this info, and out it came today: the Grammys clocked in with a Twitter Tweets-Per-Second high of 10,901 – that’s about 901 more Twitter tweets more than that for the last three minutes of Super Bowl XLVI, or 10,000, just a week before the Grammys. It’s […]

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Julia Beverly’s Funny Chris Brown Twitter Tweets During Grammys

Julia Beverly, CEO of OZONE Magazine, and well-known rap industry media mogul, also calls herself a “professional hustler, amateur comedian” on Twitter. Well, I’m not sure about the first part about “professional hustler,” (I much prefer “smart business woman”) but Ms. Beverly definitely has “amateur comedian” down. Julia skillfully used Twitter to bring down Chris […]

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Super Bowl XLVI Sets Twitter Tweets Per Second Record

Twitter reports that the last three minutes of Super Bowl XLVI set a new Twitter Tweets per Second record with 10,000. That beat Tim Tebow’s now-short-lived record of 9,420 tweets-per-second after the Broncos win against The Steelers in the AFC Wildcard Playoff Game. It tops Beyonce’s Baby Bump at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards […]

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Occupy Oakland Site Up As Of 2:42 AM PDT

In a blog post broke exclusively at Zennie62.com, the entire website of the Occupy Oakland movement was down, and for reasons not known to this blogger. Several online tests confirmed the status of the OO website at the time, with all pages appearing as white speace, and the Occupy Oakland movement had not taken note […]

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Occupy Atlanta Occupy Oakland Occupy Wall St.

Occupy Oakland Website Down As Of 11:23 PM PDT

For some reason, the website at the URL http://www.occupyoakland.org – the online home of the Occupy Oakland movement – is down. To be more specific, this blogger discovered that not just the home page of the website, but a number of pages revealed after a site search using site:www.occupyoakland.org were showing up as blank white […]

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Apple iPhone 5 Introduced Tuesday; Will Twitter Explode?

Well, it’s that time again. That time Apple introduces another product we all expect to be super cool, and have a presentation that we know will be super cool. This one is scheduled for Tuesday and to rollout the much anticipated iPhone 5, which is said to have a better camera and longer battery life. […]

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Blaine Gabbert Cam Newton

Blaine Gabbert stops Twitter Tweets Before Cam Newton Game

Is Blaine Gabbert so nervous about facing-off against the Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton, Gabbert can’t Twitter tweet? Blaine Gabbert, the Jacksonville Jaquars NFL Draft 1st Round Pick (10), is a prolific Twitter user. According to Twitter Grader, Gabbert has 2,198 tweets, 32,584 followers, 132 he follows back, and has a “100” score as of this […]