Zennie62Blog One Of CES 2014 Most Popular Blogs: Gorkana US

Zennie62Blog One Of CES 2014 Most Popular Blogs! Gorkana US, a UK-based pr and marketing research firm with offices in New York, used Gorkana Social Media Pro, its social media … Read More

Brianna Keilar Gets CNN Anchor Role; Ali Velshi Slams CNN; Sara Sidner Maintains At CNN

(brianna keilar cnn anchor) Sara Sidner, Ali Velshi, and Brianna Keilar, all have two things in common: first, they all were at or are will with CNN, and second, I’m … Read More

Joe Tuman Runs For Mayor Of Oakland

Joe Tuman, the professor and political television commentator, Oaklander, and friend of this blogger, finally decided to run for Mayor Of Oakland for a second time, and after almost saying … Read More

Facebook’s Instagram Has Video But It Has An Upload Problem

UPDATE: Media Ignores Facebook Instagram Upload Processing Problem Facebook’s Instagram has video, now. Is it too late to the game? Instagram, acquired by Facebook in 2011, held a press conference … Read More

Presidential Inauguration: Zennie62 Credentialed To Cover Ceremony

Las Vegas, NV – The Presidential Inauguration will have a new media member, literally: Zennie62.com / Zennie62Media. As this blogger prepares to attend the second day of the International CES … Read More

CES Twitter Hashtag Confusion: Uses #2013CES, Intel Buys #CES, Take Note #NMX

Well, talk about some real Twitter hashtag confusion: CES, the name of what some signs call “The Consumer Electronics Show” has used the hashtag #2013CES, with Gary Shapiro, the organization’s … Read More

CESUnveiled 2013 Largest Ever; Sennheiser, HzO, KidsGear, Ampjacket

CES 2013, held on Sunday at The Mandalay Bay Hotel, was the largest of its kind, ever. (Zennie62 coverage sponsored by Tout.com) There was too much to cover, so this … Read More

CES 2013 Zennie62 Trip Starts Today; What’s CES?

CES 2013 is this week, and this blogger’s trip to the giant convention starts today! (Zennie62 coverage sponsored by Tout.com) But what’s “CES” anyway? “CES” really stands for “Consumer Electronics … Read More

Tim Tebow To Introduce SOUL Electronics Line Of Headphones At CES

Tim Tebow’s coming to Sin City for CES 2013! (Zennie62 coverage of CES sponsored by Tout.com) New York Jets QB and Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow’s making his first official … Read More

Women in CE To Honor 5 Outstanding Women At CES Legacy Awards Reception

The Women In Consumer Electronics will meet at CES 2013 (Zennie62 coverage sponsored by Tout.com) January 8th Paris Hotel, 7-9 PM to honor five women who’s made significant contributions to … Read More

Zennie62Media and Tout Partner For CES 2013

Tout is back. The popular 15-second app and favorite micro-vlogging tool of this video-blogger is partnering with Zennie62Media for the 2013 CES in Las Vegas. But here’s a bonus: Zennie62Media … Read More

Tout.com App’s Future: WWE, WSJ Media Partnerships

Tout.com, the 15-second video cross between Twitter and YouTube, is enjoying a very rapid growth phase fueled by its partnership with WWE Entertainment, the producers of the wildly popular wrestling … Read More

Play 2012 Digital Media Conference Today

The >play 2012 Digital Media Conference is today at the UC Berkeley Haas Business School, and it promises to be an excellent presentation. The event is entirely student-run, and concerns … Read More

The Role Of Blogs In Social Media

For some reason, many new to Social Media act as though blogs don’t exist. While the number of blogs has not diminished, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest … Read More

Social Media, Restaurants, And Shopping Centers: A Call To Action

Good Social Media and restaurants involves a call-to-action. In other words, you have to use social media to get potential guests (note that I did not use the term “customers) … Read More

Victoria Jackson Of Saturday Night Live Crashes DNC

As this blogger was heading to Time Warner Center for the final night of the Democratic National Convention, a woman passed by who had some kind of Bible verse written … Read More