New York City Council Swiftly Passes Bill to Extend Paid Sick Days – New York Times

New York TimesThe new, more emphatically liberal City Council was in full swing on Wednesday, expanding New York’s law on paid sick leave from the watered-down version passed last year … Read More

Nancy Sidebotham Running For Mayor Of Oakland: Blasts Joe Tuman, Libby Schaaf

Nancy Sidebotham is a name known only to Oakland political junkies and Oakland City Council District Six dwellers who voted over the last 12 years, at the least. For this … Read More

Justices Pass on Tax Case From Online Merchants – New York Times

New York TimesWASHINGTON — The United States Supreme Court on Monday let stand a ruling from New York’s highest court requiring Internet retailers to collect sales taxes even if they … Read More

Supreme Court Won’t Review NY Sales-Tax Law for Online Retailers – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalWASHINGTON—The U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene in the long-running battle over whether states can force online retailers to collect sales taxes, leaving consumers in many states to … Read More

President Obama On Meet The Press Talks Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy President Barack Obama was on NBC’s Meet The Press this morning to talk with show host David Gregory … Read More

Obama And Biden Focus On Guns, Fiscal Cliff At Press Conference

On Wednesday morning, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden appeared before the nation to announce their intent to do something to curb the use of assault weapons as a … Read More

Ben Stein Tells Fox News America Has To Raise Taxes On Very Rich

Ben Stein, still better known for his role as the teacher in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off who said “Buehler. Buehler? Anyone? Buehler?” may have just equaled, if not topped that … Read More

Mitt Romney Lied At Debate: Sought Foreign Tax Credit To Offshore Jobs

President Obama’s Presidential Debate Rope-A-Dope Strategy is paying off. Governor Mitt Romney’s being exposed as telling lies last night. But the biggest lie is the one not noticed by a … Read More

Oakland City Council At-Large Debate Recap

Last night (August 29th) I attended the debate between four of the five Candidates At-Large for a seat on Oakland’s City Council at the Kaiser Center. In attendance were candidates Incumbent … Read More

As Mitt Romney Speeds To GOP Nom, Questions About Finances

Mitt Romney’s speeding toward what looks to be the Republican Presidential Nomination for President. Romney’s just made a GOP Primary sweep, taking Washington DC, Maryland, and Wisconsin on Tuesday, and … Read More

Osawatomie, Kansas: President Obama’s Best Speech In 2011

What will be called the Osawatomie Speech, for President Teddy Roosevelt’s famous speech at the same place calling for a stronger role for the American Government in the American Economy, … Read More

Mitt Romney Jobs Presentation Panned On Twitter

Whatever reputation former Governor Mitt Romney had for being “robotic” was cemented Tuesday with an awful presentation of his plan for the American Economy. This blogger watched, as Romney’s presentation … Read More

Warren Buffett vs Michael Arrington – Soak The Super Rich? Arrington’s Wrong

TechCrunch Founder and Editor, and friend, Michael Arrington, has weighed in on Warren Buffett’s op-ed in the New York Times Monday entitled Stop Coddling the Super-Rich. It’s a work worth … Read More

S&P Blames GOP For U.S. Credit Problem, Associated Press, Politico Cover It Up

The Standard & Poors’ rating agency decision to reduce the United States’ long term debt from AAA to AA+ was explained in a press release that specifically mentioned “the majority … Read More

California Online Tax Causes Tripple Taxation On Cal S-Corp Businesses

California and Governor Jerry Brown made a massive error in the formation of a California Online Tax, that amounts to tripple taxation in the state for online S-corporations. Amazon and … Read More

Might Romney or Bachmann unseat President Obama?

Not in 2012. The debate last night showed there’s still room for national-caliber candidates, which is probably why Ambassador Huntsman is set to jump in. While Huntsman comes as no … Read More

President Obama to sign 1099 Health-Reform Repeal has reported that the Senate has passed the 1099 repeal of the requirement of health-care reform law. This is going to President Barack Obama for his signature to make … Read More

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