Mia Farrow Made Fool By Ecuador’s Rafael Correa In Chevron Case

Mia Farrow Made Fool By Ecuador’s Rafael Correa In Chevron Case. As reported over at The AmazonPost, since late 2013, Ecuador’s government, led by President Rafael Correa, has invited actors, … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Steve Donziger Gained $25 Million From Gaming, Phone Sex Entrepreneur

Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit plaintiff’s lawyer Steven Donziger might claim to be fighting for the indigenous poor of Ecuador, but he’s gotten rich from it in the process. Moreover, his money … Read More

New Christie Attack Dog Attorney No Friend to Ecuador’s Indigenous Peoples – Huffington Post

New Christie Attack Dog Attorney No Friend to Ecuador’s Indigenous PeoplesHuffington PostIrate over the film, which depicts Fajardo and U.S. plaintiff lawyer Steven Donziger in a favorable light, Chevron claimed … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Joseph Kohn Describes Steven Donziger’s Actions As Fraud

On November 4th, Joseph Kohn, the name partner in the Philadelphia law firm of Kohn, Swift & Graf, came to the New York U.S. District Court where the RICO case … Read More

Atossa Soltani Amazon Watch Avoids Defending Steven Donziger At RICO Trial: Chevron Ecuador

Atossa Soltani, of Amazon Watch, and its the founder and executive director, has reportedly elected to avoid testifying on behalf of RICO defendant Steven Donziger in the Chevron Ecuador fraud … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Jeffrey Shinder Accuses Steven Donziger Of Corruption

The Chevron Ecuador trial pitting Steven Donziger against the American Oil Company based on its RICO complaint, has taken a turn against the now-famous trial lawyer. According to a number … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Richmond Mayor’s Comparison To Refinery Accident Is Crazy

Chevron Ecuador compares to Chevron Oil Refinery Accident? Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin can’t resist acting like an irresponsible and unknowing political activist, even as the Mayor of Richmond. (Bet she … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger’s Phony Story For New York Trial

The trial of Chevron v. Steven Donziger is under way as this is written, and this blogger has to fire off at the totally phony narrative that’s been launched and … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Chevron Closer To Legal Win Over Steven Donziger

In the latest chapter of the Chevron Ecuador lawsuit, the American oil company is moving closer to legal victory, particularly over its main attacker, Steven Donziger. Donziger has long claimed … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Chevron Not Liable For Ecuador Environmental Damage Says The Hague

The latest Chevron Ecuador news is that Chevron is not liable for environmental damage claims made and that stemmed from the operation of an oil production constortium from 1966 to … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger’s Experts Say Evidence Fabricated

Chevron Ecuador has another new twist: Steven Donziger, the lead plaintiff’s lawyer in the lawsuit against Chevron by Ecuador (the claim that it was filed by Ecuador’s indigent community, and … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger Diaries Reveals Meeting With Rafael Correa

This Chevron Ecuador news features more of the diaries of Steven Donziger, the lead plaintiff’s lawyer working to sue Chevron (correctly called ‘Texaco’ in the diary and because Texaco, or … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger On Judge Meeting, Amazon Watch Problem

Steven Donziger Update: 50 Pages Of Steven Donziger Diary Content The latest Chevron Ecuador news would seem to point to implicative statements by Steve Donziger, the man who cooked up … Read More

Chevron Ecuador | Chevron’s 2011 $96 Million Court Award Confirmed

The latest Chevron Ecuador case news. Chevron’s August 2011 $96 million award by the International Court at The Hague was confirmed today. According to various reports, Washington DC District Judge … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Karen Hinton Comes Out Swinging As Court Losses Grow

Karen Hinton, the tireless public relations director for The Amazon Defense Front – that was called The Amazon Defense Coalition before the media picked up on the fact that it … Read More

Ecuador’s Fraudulent Chevron Asset Chase Stopped In Canada

Steven Donziger and his friends have faced another giant setback in their attempt to collect $19 billion via Chevron as part of Ecuador’s rulling against the American oil giant that … Read More

Steven Donziger Runs Out Of Friends In Chevron Ecuador Case

Steven Donziger’s walls are closing in around him in the Chevron Ecuador case. Today’s huge bombshell for Mr. Donziger has caused the wheels to fall off his $19 billion lawsuit … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger’s Consulting Firm Turns On Him, Sites Fraud

Steven Donziger, the main instigator of the lawsuit against Chevron for activities of the oil producing Petroecuador / Texaco consortium TexPet in Ecuador to 1992 and before Chevron bought Texaco, … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Patton Boggs Must Give Documents Up; Judge Kaplan Writes History

The Chevron Ecuador case, which really should be called the “Tex-Pet Ecuador” case since Chevron was not operating in Ecuador at the time and up to Texaco’s departure in 1992, … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger At Stanford Symposium Feb 8th

This is going to be an interesting event. Steven Donziger, the lead plaintiff’s attorney in the Chevron Ecuador case, will attend the first The Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation’s Symposium. … Read More

Ecuador Judge Alberto Guerra Paid Off By Steven Donziger In Chevron Case

Before you read the rest of the news, look at this video: Now, here’s the latest: Ecuador Judge Alberto Guerra has stepped forward to admit that he was paid off … Read More

Lance Armstrong PR Team Helps Steven Donziger Craft Fraudulent Chevron Ecuador Case

Lance Armstrong and the Chevron Ecuador environmental lawsuit attorneys the same PR team in common. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hnnfJy7ri4 Yes, you can get off the floor, it’s true. The same attorneys, publicists and … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Burford Capital Accuses Steven Donziger Of Fraud

“Chevron Ecuador Burford Capital Accuses Steven Donziger Of Fraud,” is a blockbuster story. The latest news in the lawsuit pitting plaintiff’s lead by New York Lawyer Steven Donziger (who claims … Read More

Fernando Reyes Turns Against Steve Donziger, Ecuador Plaintiffs, In Chevron Lawsuit

A huge development: Fernando Reyes, a petroleum engineer who was part of Steve Donziger’s team working on the fraudulent lawsuit against Chevron and stemming from the American Oil Company’s work … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: President Correa Joins Steve Donziger In Fraud

Chevron Ecuador has taken a new, dramatic turn, unnoticed by the media, with the lone exception of this blogger – one who’s covered this issue of Ecuador’s fraudulent lawsuit against … Read More

Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan Allows Chevron To Pursue Ecuador Fraud Claim

Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan, who was the first legal overseer to recognize that the Steven Donziger-led lawsuit against Chevron and that caused the corrupt Ecuador court to issue an $18 … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Emails Point To Ecuador, Petroecuador, Working With Donziger

More Chevron Ecuador news. About two years ago, an associate with Amazon Watch I will not name tried to bully Kevin Skaggs and Vlae Kershner of SFGate.com, the website of … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Steven Donziger’s 2005 PR Attack Plan Revealed

The Chevron Ecuador case contains thousands of pages of documents, many online for anyone who cares to research. One document contains the emails and papers of Chevron Ecuador lead plaintiff … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Blasts Donziger For “Tort Tourism”

Chevron Ecuador: the latest news has the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blasting Steve Donziger and the so-called Amazon Defense Coalition for what many are starting to call “tort tourism,” or … Read More

SF Chronicle Unethical: Has Appearance Of Being On Take For Millions In Chevron Ecuador

The San Francisco Chronicle has the appearance of operating in a way that’s purely unethical. First, they work to eliminate the one person who blogged on Chevron’s side in the … Read More

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, Chevron Shareholders, Seek Ecuador Settlement To Get Rich

The “40 Chevron Shareholders” who are asking for a settlement in the Chevron – Ecuador case are doing so only out of greed; such a deal would make some of … Read More

Twitter Updates for 2012-05-16

I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/GSeXusWT Oakland Cleveland Cascade Stairway Lighting At Lake Merritt # I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/mLizYuOv David Shaw Stanford Head Football Coach At 2012 NFL … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Judge Kaplan Sort-Of Punks Steven Donziger With RICO Ruling

Steve Donziger, the lead plaintiff lawyer in a fraudulent lawsuit pitting Chevron against Ecuador, managed to really piss off U.S. Southern District Of New York Judge Lewis Kaplan on April … Read More

Chevron Ecuador: Permanent Court of Arbitration Blocks Ecuador From $18 Billion

The latest twist in the Chevron Ecuador legal battle has sent Amazon Defense Coalition Spokesperson Karen Hinton into a crazy lather, issuing wild press releases with the angry passion of … Read More