President Obama Can Halt Military Sequestration, FYI SE Cupp

Note to conservatives and to Senator John McCain: President Obama can halt sequestration. It’s amazing how many times members of the media and even Congress prove that they don’t read … Read More Credentialed For Democratic National Convention 2012

Yep! has been credentialed for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and for the second time in four years! In 2008, was called “Zennie’s Zeitgeist” and was one of … Read More

J.R. Martinez Invited To Pentagon; Hope Solo Like Sarah Palin

Even after Dancing With The Stars Season 13’s end, it’s still topping the pop culture news search results. Today it’s J.R. Martinez and last night it was Hope Solo. J.R. … Read More

Sarah Palin Emails: Blogger Syrin’s Affair Claims Bug Palin Family

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has little use for bloggers, particularly one Alaskan thorn named Sherry Whitstine AKA Syrin (in photo). That much is clear after this blogger’s first perusal … Read More

John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Affair: Federal Indictment Is Elizabeth Edwards At Work

If you pay attention to politics and pop culture, you know that former Presidential Candidate and Senator John Edwards was indicted by the Federal Justice Department for allegedly using over … Read More