Fundraiser with Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Charlie Baker hits snag, changes … –

Boston.comThursday night’s Republican Governors Association fundraiser featuring New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, was initially scheduled for a private home … Read More

Poll: Can Chris Christie regain frontrunner status for the 2016 Republican … – The Star-Ledger

The Star-LedgerOver the last two months, though, Christie has been dogged by the George Washington Bridge scandal. His approval ratings have dropped, he was booed at a Super Bowl event, … Read More

As Romney fundraises with Chris Christie, some Boston donors still wary of NJ gov – Washington Post (blog)

Washington Post (blog)Mitt Romney will join Chris Christie at a Republican Governor’s Association fundraiser in suburban Boston Thursday that advisers to both men insist is about 2014, not about 2016. … Read More

Charlie Baker to join Chris Christie, Mitt Romney at Republican Governors … –

Charlie Baker to join Chris Christie, Mitt Romney at Republican Governors …MassLive.com01.08.2012 | EXETER, N.H. — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, left, waves with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during … Read More

Romney To Attend Fundraiser With Christie – TIME

TIMEFormer Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will attend a fundraiser for the Republican Governors Association meeting in Boston this week with embattled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Romney’s attendance at … Read More

Michelle Malkin’s #MyRightWingBiracialFamily Great Social Media Effort, Masks Ugly Truth

The “#MyRightWingBiracialFamily social media effort was started by conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, and where she used social media to start a campaign encouraging conservatives who are in biracial families to … Read More

Mitt Romney, Ethan Hawke and Zach Braff: Highlights from Sundance Film Festival – Toronto Star

Toronto StarIt was a busy weekend at Sundance Film Festival. Here are some highlights from Jan. 18 and 19, starting with Peter Howell’s review of the Mitt Romney documentary Mitt, … Read More

Mitt Romney documentary premieres at Sundance –

UPI.comSUNDANCE, Idaho, Jan. 18 (UPI) — The new documentary on Mitt Romney’s 2012 run for president premiered Friday night at the influential Sundance Film Festival. “Mitt” is the work of … Read More

Film Gives a Peek at the Romney Who Never Quite Won Over Voters – New York Times

New York TimesGreg Whiteley, who directed “Mitt,” with Mitt Romney at the film’s premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday in Utah. George Frey/European Pressphoto Agency. SALT LAKE CITY … Read More

New film shows flawed, human Mitt Romney – Boston Globe

Boston GlobeWASHINGTON — Mitt Romney sits on a couch in a hotel suite in Boston, surrounded by his anxious family. Someone calls to deliver the news: The returns are coming … Read More

‘Mitt’ documentary a bland valentine to Romney presidential race – Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake TribuneIf you’re looking for a deep, thoughtful examination of the mind of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, you won’t find it in the Sundance film, “Mitt,” which was … Read More

Zig Ziglar Passes, Mitt Romney Visits Obama, Lohan In Trouble

Zig Ziglar, Mitt Romney, and Lindsay Lohan were part of the top searches for Thursday. Zig Ziglar, the master of motivation, passed away at the age of 86. He told … Read More

President Obama’s Full Election Victory Speech, Video And Text

The full text of President Obama’s Election Night victory speech, delivered on 11/6/2012 in Chicago Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. (Sustained cheers, applause.) Tonight, more than 200 … Read More

Election 2012 Winners & Losers: Buffy Wicks, Big Bird, Karl Rove, Gallup Poll

Ok, now that Election 2012 is history, it’s time to pick out our winners and losers. Some of them will be unexpected people you’ve never heard of, others will be … Read More

Nate Silver: Blogger Political Poll Modeler Wins Election, Upsets Right-Wing Pundits

Five years ago, a friend of mine who started the blog DemConWatch, would constantly refer to a small blog by the name of FiveThirtyEight Blog, or In fact, he … Read More

Barack Obama Reelected 44th President Of The United States

Wow. Let that sink in: “Barack Obama Reelected 44th President Of The United States.” President Obama won reelection gaining 303 electoral votes to 206 for Governor Mitt Romney. Obama also … Read More

Twitter Political Index: Obama Maintains Lead

According to some studies, Social Media’s the great barometer of who will win an election. And if that’s the case, President Obama’s got this one against Mitt Romney sewn up. … Read More

Barack Obama For President Of The United States Of America

Today’s Election Day 2012, and you’ve heard the cliched statement that “You have a clear choice.” Well, folks, it’s true: you really do. The choice for this video-blogger is simple: … Read More

5th of November Is Guy Fawkes Day; Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh Beware?

Today is November 5th, otherwise known by Anonymous, the computer hacking human network, as “Guy Fawkes Day.” On this day, Anonymous plans to take down or expose any symbol of … Read More

Ezra Klein Calls Donald Trump “Hilarious Clown”

Ezra Klein, the designated policy wonk for the Washington Post, was just on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir’s show, where he openly called New York real estate mogul and television celebrity Donald … Read More

President Obama Meets Gov. Christy In New Jersey After Hurrricane Sandy

President Barack Obama landed in New Jersey to survey the extensive damage caused to the entire state by Hurricane Sandy. It’s estimated that 60 percent of New Jersey is without … Read More

Hurricane Sandy Brings Mitt Romney’s Insensitive Anti-FEMA Ideas To Light

Hurricane Sandy is more than just the perfect storm, it’s the perfect tool to out a campaigns message for better or worse. For President Barack Obama, it’s for the better, … Read More

‘With All Due Respect, That’s a Bunch of Malarkey’: Decoding the Debate Smile

This Presidential election has resurrected a very interesting dichotomy — The “debate smile.” Urban Dictionary says it is a forced smile that a person in the spotlight (in this case … Read More

Mitt Romney Must Show College Transcripts

Where are Gov. Mitt Romney’s college transcripts? For all of the questions about President Obama and his college transcripts, which are not sealed by the way, no one has asked … Read More

Barbara Walters Tells Donald Trump He’s Making Fool Of Himself

Donald Trump will not be stopped by common sense, even from friends like The View’s Barbara Walters. On Thursday,’s show segment called “Hot Topics,” Ms. Walters, concerned that Donald Trumps … Read More

John Sununu’s Racist Colin Powell Blast Tilts Campaign For Obama

John Sununu may have pushed the Presidential Campaign toward President Obama when he went on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN and mentioned that Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and … Read More

Mitt Romney Blocked Gay Parents From Obtaining Birth Certificates

Mitt Romney worked to prevent gay parents from obtaining birth certificates when he was Governor of Massachusetts. According to The Boston Globe the state Registry of Vital Records and Statistics … Read More

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