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Doing the O-Line Shuffle in Bmore…

Yes, my bottom is still recovering from Sunday’s ugly loss to the Houston Texans, but while I am recovering, the Baltimore Ravens are problem-solving and desperately figuring out how to improve their team. The first…

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Mitt Romney Wins Washington

Your Ad Here Sadly, Romney has taken another state in his list of victories. Ron Paul and Santorum were both very close with one another, Paul getting a second place victory and Santorum coming in…

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CNN Reports Mitt Romney Wins Maine

Your Ad Here According to CNN on television right at this moment Mitt Romney has won the state of Maine. This is kind of hard to believe due to all the hard work and all…

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Rick Santorum’s Big Wins

Just when Mitt Romney thought that he was a solid front runner last night Rick Santorum won all three of the states that had their primary & caucuses. The states were Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado….

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South Carolina Primary

Your Ad Here Today is the primary in South Carolina and there are only four Republicans left in the race for the nomination. Rick Perry dropped out earlier this week and he endorsed Newt Gingrich….

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Texting and Driving Up 50% Despite Laws Banning It

New statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that texting and driving has increased to 0.9 percent of drivers in 2010, up from 0.6 percent in 2009. The NHTSA derived these percentages by staking out…

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Lindsay Lohan in Playboy

About a month ago Lindsay Lohan was in the news for her disgustingly brown teeth (which she recently got whitened) and the bruises on her hands. Now, she will be appearing in Playboy just in…

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Daylight Savings 2011: Will You Be Ready?

Ok, folks, here comes that one day sure to screw up your life for at least 24 hours, if not the entire week: Daylight Savings Time 2011. That’s the day, Sunday, November 6, 2011, when…

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PETA Wants Vegans on Mars

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have gone another step higher on the crazy ladder. MSNBC reports: “Animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has sent a letter to…

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Obama Sued For Libya Decision

President Barack Obama is being sued by ten United States lawmakers (including Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Presidential candidate of Texas, Ron Paul) for taking military action against Libya without Congress giving its war authorization…

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Twitter Followers Matter: The Ad Impressions View

There’s a debate in social media circles on the value of Twitter Followers. Some, like Aliza Sherman at Gigaom in 2009, say that the number of Twitter Followers isn’t important. Others have estimates of the…


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