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Chris Christie Says Income Equality is Mediocrity – Doesn’t Know Shit from Shinola – PoliticusUSA

Chris Christie Says Income Equality is Mediocrity – Doesn’t Know Shit from ShinolaPoliticusUSAchris–christie-nj-gay-marriage-626×360 The Republican Party is no longer a party of substance. It is defined by what it is against, which is pretty much everything, rather than what it is for. What it is for seems to be a Constitution that never … …read […]

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Chris Christie’s ‘Bridgegate’ strategy: Blame the media – MSNBC

MSNBCMonths into a scandal-plagued second term, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the state’s Republican Party are employing a time-tested damage-control strategy: Blame the media. In December, when reporters first raised questions about three days of …Doblin: Christie has traded his SUV for a PintoNorthJersey.com all 2 news articles …read more Source: Chris Christie News […]

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Chris Christie: David Wildstein Says He Knew Of Bridge Closure

Chris Christie, the New Jersey Governor and would-be hope for the Republican Party, is running for legal cover after David Wildstein, the now-former Port Authority official responsible, along with now-former Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelley, for the lane closures done as political payback to the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, NJ., said that Christie […]

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CNN’s Zucker slams Fox News as a GOP outlet – New York Daily News

New York Daily NewsCNN honcho Jeff Zucker blasted Fox News Channel boss Roger Ailes Friday, branding the former Nixon consultant’s cable network as the Republican Party’s headquarters. “I think we all know what’s going on there,” Zucker told TV writers gathered at the …Zucker: GOP Being Run From Fox News HeadquartersABC NewsJeff Zucker Blasts Fox […]

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White House Press Conference Transcript On Government Shutdown Day One

This White House Press Conference Transcript came from the White House at 7:51 PM EST Wednesday, October 2nd, the first full day of the Government Shutdown. THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ For Immediate Release October 2, 2013 PRESS BRIEFING BY PRESS SECRETARY JAY CARNEY James S. Brady Press Briefing Room 1:38 […]

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John Sununu’s Racist Colin Powell Blast Tilts Campaign For Obama

John Sununu may have pushed the Presidential Campaign toward President Obama when he went on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN and mentioned that Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and war hero, elected to back President Obama because he’s black. Morgan’s talk with the former Governor of New Hampshire started with Morgan suggesting that Powell […]

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Were GOP Operatives Behind Innocence Of Muslims?

Were GOP operatives – people who either give money to or politically support the objectives of the Republican Party – the real people behind the making of the movie Innocence Of Muslims? Consider this: There’s mounting evidence to support this seemingly dramatic claim. First, Steve Klein. Mr. Klein is an outspoken Anti-Islam and Anti-Muslim insurance […]

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Sean Medlock, Tucker Carlson emp, uses fake name to send racist tweet to Obama

Want an example of the GOP conservative who’s feeding some of the most racist rhetoric coming out of the Republican Party?  It’s a guy named Sean Medlock, who uses the Twiter fake name of Jim Treacher to toss racist comments at people. Even the President of The United States. In the wake of the event […]

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Republican Criticism Of First Stimulus, Planned Second, Stupid

The Republican Party, or GOP, is running a new commercial designed to criticize the first, and much needed, Economic Stimulus Package. The problem with the GOP take is that it’s just plain stupid. Anyone who took macroeconomics knows that when business investment is low, and consumer investment is down, the one way to make sure […]

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Zennie62.com Credentialed For Democratic National Convention 2012

Yep! Zennie62.com has been credentialed for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and for the second time in four years! In 2008, Zennie62.com was called “Zennie’s Zeitgeist” and was one of 128 blogs credentialed for the historic Denver event that saw Illinois Senator Barack Obama become the first African American to be elected to represent either […]

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Will Etch A Sketch Gaffe By Eric Fehrnstrom Hurt Mitt Romney?

Etch A Sketch is popular again. The latest American political news has Mitt Romney Campaign Advisor Eric Fehrnstrom making a statement that some think could cost Romney the race to represent the Republican Party in the fall Presidential Election. During a CNN segment, Eric Fehrnstrom said that altering Romney’s campaign strategy was “almost like an […]