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Oakland A’s To San Jose Rejected By MLB, Court In SJ v MLB Records (Here For View)

UPDATE: Oakland A’s Move To San Jose Rejected By Major League Baseball. The Oakland Athletics as owned by Lew Wolfe are prohibited from moving to San Jose, both by Major League Baseball and by U.S. District Judge Ronald Whyte. The much written about, but little-understood-by-the-media court records specifically say, in black-and-white, that the the City […]

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Oakland’s $170 Million Redevelopment Budget Controversy Makes CAO Look Bad

UPDATE: City Of Oakland’s Response To California Controller On ‘Misdirected’ Assets The City Of Oakland’s in huge trouble, to the tune of $170 million, unless it can successfully challenge John Chiang, The State Of California Controller’s claim that it failed to transfer $170 million to a specifically designated “successor agency”, as part of the elimination […]

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Oakland’s CM Pat Kernighan Ignores Info Exonerating Desley Brooks

Oakland Councilmember And Oakland City Council President Pat Kernighan (District 2) continues to hone and refine her new role as Oakland’s version of the The Emperor from Star Wars. Joining with Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby in an unholy tag team that was first against Oakland’s two black councilmembers, Desley Brooks (District 6) and Larry […]

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Transbay Joint Powers Authority Sells Land For $30 Million

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority has announced another giant land deal. This time it sold “Block 6,” the parcel that’s a part of the giant Transbay Transit Center Development Project, slated to be completed in 2017. Here’s the full press release: On April 16, 2013, the Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure unanimously approved a […]

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Oakland City Auditor Wrong: Staff Asked Black Local Firm To Front For White Livermore Company

A key part of the “non-interference” report issued by Courtney Ruby, the Oakland City Auditor, and that blamed Councilmember Larry Reid (District 7) and Councilmember Desley Brooks (District 6), leading this blogger to brand it as racist, was proven to be completely wrong in a bombshell speech and interview at last night’s Oakland City Council […]

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SF CITI: SF Tech Comes Together For A Better San Francisco; Can SF Afford It?

Can technology make a better San Francisco? Well-known tech leaders who live in San Francisco (last time I checked) think so. To so this, they’ve come together with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to form SFCITI. SFCITI is described as “Leveraging the collective power of the tech sector as a force for civic action in […]

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Oakland News: Joe Tuman Exploring Run Against Kaplan; Coliseum JPA, AEG, NFL

Oakland’s Joe Tuman called to explain that he’s not really running against Oakland At-Large Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan yet, but that he’s filed papers that would allow him to establish a bank account, and set up the necessary legal infrastructure to run for office – against Kaplan, if he decided to do so. Taking on Rebecca […]

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Oakland News: Coliseum City Approved, Abel Guillen Wins DFA Oakland Straw Poll

The Oakland City Council approved the Oakland Coliseum City project at last night’s Oakland City Council meeting. The idea, a much needed and long overdue overhaul of the Oakland Coliseum Complex, will, if built guarantee that a Super Bowl will be hosted in Oakland. That’s because the National Football League has a policy of giving […]

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Oakland KTOP’s Ashey James Cut; Oakland Firing Staff, Out By Friday

The City Of Oakland is facing the State of California’s effort to eliminate California Redevelopment with moves that could only be called cold and draconian. This blogger was just informed that long-time Oakland KTOP Station Manager Ashley James was terminated. In addition, James will be joined by three other KTOP employees, which almost – almost […]

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Jerry Brown Destroys Oakland: City Layoffs, Deficit, After Gov Kills Redevelopment

Any doubt about how California Governor Jerry Brown feels about Oakland, where he was Mayor of Oakland from 1999 to 2007, should be erased after his action to eliminate local redevelopment agencies state wide, one that will have a dramatic impact on Oakland, unless it’s blocked. To understand why, consider that the City of Oakland’s […]

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Rebecca Kaplan’s Occupy Oakland Speech Is Worth Hearing, Now

About three weeks ago November 7th 2011, and on the same Monday that, as it turned out, was the beginning of the 18-city coordinated effort to evict Occupy Movement encampments all over the United States, Jason Overman, representative to Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan, shared via email to this blogger a video of his boss’ speech […]