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Auditor Courtney Ruby ready to fight in Oakland mayor’s race – San Francisco Chronicle

Auditor Courtney Ruby ready to fight in Oakland mayor’s raceSan Francisco ChronicleOakland residents are about to see a different side of City Auditor Courtney Ruby, who announced plans to run for mayor this week. The fightin’ side. Ruby said little last year to counter accusations of racism leveled at her by Oakland’s NAACP branch … […]

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NFL-commissioned report finds culture of intolerance in Miami Dolphins locker … – Washington Post

Washington PostAn inquiry into the Miami Dolphins’ workplace conditions found examples of harassment, racism, bullying, homophobia, and overall a culture of intolerance and meanness in one National Football League locker room — precisely the kind of image the league …Incognito, others tormented MartinESPNInquiry says Incognito, 2 others harassed MartinSan Francisco ChronicleLooks like Dolphins lack leadership […]

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Michelle Malkin’s #MyRightWingBiracialFamily Great Social Media Effort, Masks Ugly Truth

The “#MyRightWingBiracialFamily social media effort was started by conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, and where she used social media to start a campaign encouraging conservatives who are in biracial families to post pictures of them is commendable. Especially because her early anti-President Obama takes ventured into areas that were arguably quite racist. Oh, and this aside: […]

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Nelson Mandela Dead At 95: The Savior Of Freedom

Nelson Mandela, perhaps the greatest living human being of our generation, passed away at 95 years of age. I will remember exactly where I was when it happened: on United Airlines Flight 3570 from Chicago to Atlanta this night. When we touched wheels at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, I turned on my iPhone and the […]

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Bob Dylan Charged in France Over Croatia Nazi Remarks – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalA July 2012 file photo shows singer-songwriter Bob Dylan performing on stage in Carhaix, western France. Associated Press. PARIS—French authorities have filed preliminary charges against Bob Dylan over a 2012 interview in which he is quoted comparing …Bob Dylan charged in France over Croatia remarksSan Francisco ChronicleBob Dylan sued for alleged racism over […]

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Obama Impeachment Wanted By David Dewhurst, White Nationalist Darling

Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst has called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama and over, of all things, the Bengazi Embassy Attack: something the Texas politician knows nothing about, except what he sees on Fox News. But what this blogger discovered about David Dewhurst (who has no power to make an Obama Impeachment happen, […]

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Nina Davuluri Wins Miss America: Racists Show Rampant Mental Illness

Nina Davuluri won the Miss America crown on Sunday, becoming the first Indian American to be so honored. That’s should be a cause of celebration, but in America’s complex society, so much so that it’s beyond the comprehension of many, some respond by being racist, and in the process show that the USA’s very march […]

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Paula Deen: Smithfield Foods, Like Food Network, Drops; Gets Facebook Bombed

Paula Deen has been dropped by the Smithfield Foods organization out of Virginia, and just three days from Food Network’s decision not to renew Ms. Deen’s contract with the television organization when it expires. Here’s the Zennie62 video explaining what happened: This is the simple statement that Smithfield Foods released: “Smithfield condemns the use of […]

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Samantha Power, UN Ambassador: “Monster” Comment Was Right, At The Time

Samantha Power was, some time ago, it seems, one of this blogger’s favorite candidates to be what she has become: UN Ambassador replacing Susan Rice. What I’ve always liked about Ms. Power, from a distance, is a keen mix of fearless observation, rapier intellect, and incredible good looks. I’d also, long ago, wrote that she […]

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Adam Goodes: On The 13 Yr Old’s Racist Taunt; Papa Johns Pizza Voicemail

Adam Goodes’ was the target of a racist taunt by 13 year old, and a Papa Johns Pizza Employee in Sanford, Florida goes on a racist rant: Two racist incidents that have captured pop culture view, and provided a lesson for us all. First, Adam Goodes is an excellent soccer player, who plays professional Australian […]

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Jason Calacanis Calls Me A Jerk For Pointing Out Tech Race Problem

Jason Calacanis has an issue, which is unfortunate. In an unnecessary response to my blog post (Jason Calacanis: Ah, Gawker, Mr. C Knows There’s Racism In Tech) pointing to several encounters with me which proved that, contrary to his assertions in Gawker, he does see that there’s a race problem, just chooses to do nothing […]

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Thomas C. Frazier: Oakland Police Compliance Director Called Racist Police Chief In Baltimore

On Monday, Thomas C. Frazier was appointed “Compliance Director” by U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson. In this position, Mr. Frazier will have complete authority over the Oakland Police Department, including the ability to set in motion the dismissal of the current police chief, Howard Jordan. Given Thomas C. Frazier’s alleged track record as police chief […]

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Christopher Jordan Dorner Uncensored Manifesto And Racism

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hN0orl_dTQ Christopher Jordan Dorner Uncensored Manifesto And Racism. Christopher Dorner’s giant manifesto has received a lot of attention. And well it should. It reveals a man torn apart by the realization that the system isn’t fair and is racist, and so he responds by killing members of the LAPD. But Dorner has killed people of […]

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Joan Walsh’ “What’s The Matter With White People” A Daring Work

When this blogger was first informed about Salon Editor-At-Large and MSNBC Contributor Joan Walsh’ book What’s The Matter With White People, the first thought was “What The F—?” Is Joan playing with the fire of white guilt or what? There are so many directions to go with that title that it made this one’s head […]

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Barack Obama Reelected 44th President Of The United States

Wow. Let that sink in: “Barack Obama Reelected 44th President Of The United States.” President Obama won reelection gaining 303 electoral votes to 206 for Governor Mitt Romney. Obama also won the popular vote, but just barely. The lessons from this victory are many, but this blogger thinks the paramount one is that Mitt Romney […]

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Social Media: 66 Percent Use It To Post Political Ideology

Social Media has exploded, no doubt, but Pew Research gives us a great idea of just how much it’s become a part of our daily lives. According to its newly released study called Social Media and Political Engagement, 60 percent of adults uses social media, and of that, 66 percent use it to express political […]

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Presidential Debate: Why President Obama Beat Mitt Romney? The Twitter Political Index

Because she was traveling, famed soccer star Hope Solo asked via Twitter for a Presidential Debate update. Her tweet: Another Flight! Somebody update me in the debate! Humor me please! #fb — Hope Solo (@hopesolo) October 17, 2012 The response from this blogger was that President Obama kicked Mitt Romney’s ass. That calls for some […]

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Newark Mayor Cory Booker On “Meet The Press” Goes “Black Crab Barrel” On Obama

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a guest on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday to talk about his support for President Barack Obama, instead talked about his support for Bain Capital and private equity firms. In the process, Mayor Booker almost totally blew the Obama Campaign’s message. The question is why? Why would Mayor Booker do that? […]