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FIFA: Why O Why

OOOOOOO NO Honda is out of the FIFA Qualifiers. What a blow to a team that I can’t wait to watch a team that will deliver greatness in the next world cup. Nakamura Honda was…

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FIFA: Border Showdown

September 2 is a day I just asked off from work so I can watch soccer all day. One game that will have my attention will be Qatar vs. Bahrain. Another middle-eastern showdown pins these…

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FIFA: Fight In The Middle East.

September 2 has 22 games: it’s a day closer, there’s so much to watch for I just can’t wait. In my last post I talked about the five games to look for. Game two on…

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FIFA: A Must-Win For Korea

September 2 has 22 games: teams like Canada, Japan, Panama and Haiti will be playing. So what I’m saying is it a BIG day for soccer. So there will be plenty of games to watch….

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FIFA: Asian Qualifiers leg 2 round 2

          Another great day for soccer fans; 30 teams from Asia competed in the second leg of round 2. There were some teams that performed great others not so much. Fun fact…

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Tomorrow is the big day for 30 teams in Asia. 15 matches will be played throughout Asia; some teams look like they have nothing to worry about where other teams have a real hard game…

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FIFA reports that a number of top officials are ban from not only this world cup but a ban for life from all FIFA events on ethics charges. Now I won’t get to in depth…

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FIFA Asian Qualifiers; Round 2 Game 1

The 2nd round of the Asian qualifiers started today. Matches taking place throughout Asian started off with a bang as China beat Laos 7 to 2. This is only game one and there is another…

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FIFA Asian Qualifications

In Asia teams like Nepal, Palestine and the Philippines came out on top. The qualifiers are set up in as like this round one The 16 lowest ranked teams based on the 2010 FIFA World…


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