Presidential Debate: Why President Obama Beat Mitt Romney? The Twitter Political Index

Because she was traveling, famed soccer star Hope Solo asked via Twitter for a Presidential Debate update. Her tweet: Another Flight! Somebody update me in the debate! Humor me please! … Read More

Mitt Romney Packed Univision, Got Tan, Threw Tantrum Backstage

Here’s more Mitt Romney bad news: according to BuzzFeed, the GOP Presidential Candidate not only had on his spray tan for his Univision Town Hall with The Latino Community, as … Read More

Clint Eastwood Said Mitt Romney Was Dumb For Asking Him To Speak At RNC

Clint Eastwood just added insult to injury this week: a week that had GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney be the focus of a video where he insulted 47 percent of … Read More

Did Mitt Romney Brown His Face For Univision Town Hall? Yes!

The talk is all over the Internet mostly on blogs and now this video from Zennie62 on YouTube: folks want to know if GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney browned his … Read More

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Show Latino Issues In Videos

Mitt Romney has had his “Bittergate” moment, and the fundraiser where someone ran a hidden video camera while the former Governor of Massachusetts basically ran his mouth about everything from … Read More

Mitt Romney Breaks Promise, Attacks President Obama On 9-11

In a Reno speech before The National Guard that Governor and GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is giving as this blog post is written, he referred to “failed leadership” in … Read More

RNC 2012: two GOP delegates racist toward CNN black camerawoman

This is an update to a blog post this blogger originally posted at Just before the main speeches of Ann Romney, the wife of Presumptive GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt … Read More

Mitt Romney Is NOT A Venture Capitalist

GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has called the work he did at Bain and Company that of a venture capitalist. The fact is that Mitt’s wrong and insulting venture capitalists … Read More

Google Trends: John Edwards Trial, Martin Short, Kathy Lee Gifford, and DOMA

The Google Trends of note for Thursday, May 31, 2012 were John Edwards Trial, Martin Short, Kathy Lee Gifford, and DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). In the case of John … Read More

Rick Santorum Had Dinner With White Supremacist

Rick Santorum Had Dinner With White Supremacist – Earlier this week, I focused on GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum’s “problems with Black people” as I called the video and blog. … Read More

Rick Santorum Has A Problem With Black People

Why this is not looked at more is beyond this blogger, but GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum has a massive racist problem with Black people. As my upcoming video will … Read More

Ron Paul Says Rick Santorum Can’t Beat Obama

Count on Texas Congressman and GOP Presidential Candidate to tell it like it is. On CNN’s State Of The Union, in an interview with Candy Crowley, Congressman Paul was asked … Read More

Rick Santorum Protestors Get Tasered In Washington

GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum arrived in Tacoma, Washington to give a speech as part of his campaign run when he was “greeted” by protestors associated with the Occupy Movement. … Read More

Herman Cain Drops Out of GOP Race – Lesson For Blacks

As mentioned before, Saturday, here at Zennie62, GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain is now former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. But what wasn’t talked about before is the message to … Read More

Herman Cain Drops Out Of GOP Presidential Race

Well, this blogger was wrong. GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain just announced that he’s suspending his campaign. He did this just five minutes ago, and at a brand new headquarters … Read More

Barney Frank Retires From Congress as “Bailout Barney”

Barney Frank, the famed Massachusetts Congressman who this blogger thought was older than Congress itself, suddenly announced his retirement on Cyber Monday (Man, everything happened on Cyber Monday!) Frank has … Read More

Herman Cain Fails On Libya

This video has gone viral because it not only shows that GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain is not ready to be President Of The United States, the Republican Presidential field … Read More

Rick Perry Forgets, Ron Paul Helps, NBC’s Hardwood Has Fun

You can tell Texas Governor Rick Perry was in over his head at last night’s Republican Debate, but man! This blogger has never seen that large a mistake made by … Read More

Herman Cain Sexual Harassment? Donald Trump? Rick Perry Gay?

The allegations that GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was involved in some sexual harassment investigation when he was head of the National Restaurant Association in “the 90s” reminds this blogger … Read More

Why Are You A Democrat? Democrats Give Their Reasons

More at I created this video “way back” in 2007 and during a Democratic fund raiser at the Sheraton Palace in San Francisco, where the guest of honor was … Read More

Rick Perry Voted Against Apartheid-era South Africa Sanctions

Just overcoming the bad press surrounding the news that Texas Governor and GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry owns a family hunting camp once called “Niggerhead,” now there’s more racially-charged news … Read More

On The View, Herman Cain Says Blacks Need To Be Saved; Really?

Herman Cain Says Blacks Need To Be Saved. Really, Mr. Cain said that. This is why I don’t like Herman Cain for President. On ABC’s The View on Tuesday, the … Read More

Herman Cain On The View, Chris Christie Not Running

Two GOP stars, Herman Cain and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, made news today. Cain was in the news for being the first black GOP Presidential Candidate to appear on … Read More

Hank Williams Jr. Says Obama Like Hitler; Likes Herman Cain

Just what got into country music star and now-formed musician for ESPN’s Monday Night Football, Hank Williams Jr. that he would make a stupid-assed (no other way to describe it) … Read More

TechCrunch Disrupt SF Has Startups: Americans Elect, CrowdEngineering,

TechCrunch Distrupt San Francisco is next week, September 12th-14th, and the TechCrunch Hackathon is this weekend, starting Saturday and running through Sunday. And for this Disrupt, the field of startups … Read More

John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Affair: Federal Indictment Is Elizabeth Edwards At Work

If you pay attention to politics and pop culture, you know that former Presidential Candidate and Senator John Edwards was indicted by the Federal Justice Department for allegedly using over … Read More

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