Mia Farrow, Amazon Watch Ecuador’s Fool; Chevron China’s Cover

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Mia Farrow Made Fool By Ecuador’s Rafael Correa In Chevron Case

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Cléver Jiménez, Chevron Ecuador Whisle-Blower, Says Rafael Correa Wants To Kill Him

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Rafael Correa Jails Cléver Jiménez, Chevron Ecuador Whistle-Blower

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Chevron Ecuador: Karen Hinton Comes Out Swinging As Court Losses Grow

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Chevron Ecuador Judge Nicolas Zambrano Dismissed; Correa Reverses On Media Suit

Nicolas Zambrano, the judge that awarded his own country fraudulently-obtained victory in the long-standing lawsuit against Chevron, was dismissed on Wednesday for the freeing of Cristian Suquisupa. What Zambrano did … Read More

NY Times, Washington Post Show Ecuador President Correa’s Corruption

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