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Obama Unemployment, Approval Rates Continue Reagan Pattern

While the GOP tries to figure out which fat cat will be served up to President Barack Obama this fall, Obama himself is continuing to enjoy approval and unemployment rates that have taken on a “Reagan trajectory.” This space reported that last fall, Obama’s approval rating was higher than that for both President Reagan and […]

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Was Arizona Gov Jan Brewer Drunk While Pointing Finger In Obama’s Face?

Two days ago, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer shocked the World by showing just how little class and dignity she has when she greeted U.S. President Barack Obama on the tarmac at Phoenix International Airport. Brewer just had to tell Obama she wasn’t sorry for the way she portrayed a conversation they had at The White […]

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Unemployment Rate Drops

Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.5 Percent, Obama Talks Jobs

Yesterday, and to the displeasure of GOP Presidential Candidates banking on failure of the American Economy so they can beat President Obama in the November 2012 Election, America’s unemployment rate dropped to 8.5 percent, the economy added 200,000 jobs, and continued a five-month string of reports that America added over 100,000 jobs per month. President […]

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Iowa Caucus Today; GOP’s First Test

The Iowa Caucus is today and marks the first test of the Republican, or if you like GOP, Presidential Candidates. But just was is the Iowa Caucus? The Iowa Caucus is a gathering of tribes, essentially. In fact, the word “caucus” comes from the Native American term for just that: a gathering of tribes. There […]

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Horse Meat

Horse Meat Argument

Ever been “so hungry that you could eat a horse?” Well at the end of November President Obama sparked a lot of controversy when he legalized the slaughtering of horses for meat. Obama signed the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill on November 18, 2011 that allowed the continued slaughtering of what has been over 100,000 horses […]

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Happy Hanukkah Everyone!

On this first day of the Festival of Lights, just wishing you and everyone a very Happy Hanukkah! Today, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama offered these words: “Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to all those celebrating Hanukkah around the world… We believe that through faith and determination, we can work together […]

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The Iraq War Is Over, US Troops Coming Home

U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama addressed American Troops at Fort Bragg, North Carolina on Wednesday announcing the end of the Iraq War. President Obama said: It’s harder to end a war than begin one. Indeed, everything that American troops have done in Iraq -– all the fighting and all the dying, […]

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Newt Gingrich’s Sister, Candace Gingrich-Jones, Backs Obama For 2012 Election

The Guardian UK is reporting that “Newt Gingrich’s gay sister backs Obama for 2012,” but they miss the point. Just because Newt Gingrich’s sister’s gay doesn’t mean she automatically has to publicly go against her brother before the election. It means she dislikes him personally enough to do that – that speaks volumes. Candace Gingrich-Jones […]

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Barney Frank Retires From Congress as “Bailout Barney”

Barney Frank, the famed Massachusetts Congressman who this blogger thought was older than Congress itself, suddenly announced his retirement on Cyber Monday (Man, everything happened on Cyber Monday!) Frank has served the 4th Congressional District since 1981, and has grown to become called by some the smartest person in Congress. Regardless of how you feel […]

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White House Shooting: Ortega-Hernandez Crazy Obama-Hater

The one fact covered up in mainstream media headlines on the White House Shooting is that Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, who tried to shoot at President Obama and his family at The White House and from a distance last Friday, only to be caught five days later, was a massive nutcase Obama-hater. We hear about these […]

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Herman Cain Fails On Libya

This video has gone viral because it not only shows that GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain is not ready to be President Of The United States, the Republican Presidential field isn’t ready, and by light years. Cain appearing before the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, was asked if he agreed with President Obama’s approach in the […]

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President Obama Thanks Veterans From USS Carl Vinson

On Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama took time to talk about the need to help American Veterans as much as they have helped us around the World. He gave his video address from the aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego. Last night, it played host to a historic first: the first college […]

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Occupy Atlanta Occupy Oakland Occupy Wall St.

Occupy Oakland / Occupy Wall Street Showcase For New Demographic

If anyone wants to see the new power in Oakland, just look at the incredible production of media driven by the amazing activity of protestors involved in the Occupy Oakland / Occupy Wall Street movement. While mainstream media reporters unfairly focus on the actions of a few Occupy Oakland / Occupy Wall Street people, what […]

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MLK Memorial, President Obama, Capture Twitter – #MLKMemorial

President Obama has just, as of this writing, finished a rousing speech to officially dedicate the new MLK Memorial for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And between the President, the crowd, and the moment, the Twitter hashtag #MLKMemorial, “President Obama,” and “Dr. King” were all among the top 10 Twitter Topics for Sunday morning. What […]

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Saudi Ambassador Assasination Plot By Iran Leaves Questions

The reported plan by Iran to assassinate a Saudi Ambassador named Adel al-Jubeir is both shocking and confusing. The Obama Administration has uncovered the alleged scheme and arrested two men: an American-Iranian, Manssor Arbabsiar, and Gholam Shakuri, an Iranian. Both were fingered in the so-called “murder-for-hire” plot that involved paying a Mexican drug cartel to […]

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On The View, Herman Cain Says Blacks Need To Be Saved; Really?

Herman Cain Says Blacks Need To Be Saved. Really, Mr. Cain said that. This is why I don’t like Herman Cain for President. On ABC’s The View on Tuesday, the Black GOP Presidential Candidate and former head of Godfather’s Pizza, said that “some of them can’t be saved” in referring to African Americans who commonly […]

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Hank Williams Jr. Says Obama Like Hitler; Likes Herman Cain

Just what got into country music star and now-formed musician for ESPN’s Monday Night Football, Hank Williams Jr. that he would make a stupid-assed (no other way to describe it) comments about President Obama, comparing him (unfavorably) to, of all people, and without reason, Adolph Hitler. Appearing on Fox News’ Fox & Friends today, Hank […]

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President Obama’s New Plan

President Barack Obama has laid out a new deficit plan earlier today, Monday, September 19. The New York Times reports: “The president proposed raising taxes by $1.5 trillion, mostly on the wealthy, while making only modest cuts in Medicare and Medicaid, and walling off Social Security from any changes. The plan also would reduce military […]

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President Obama’s Approval Rating Higher Than Clinton And Reagan

James Carville needs to pipe down: President Obama’s average approval rating is currently at just over 51 percent, and higher than the average first-term approval ratings for both President William J. Clinton, and President Ronald Reagan. According to Zennie62.com and Gallop data, the approval ratings for Clinton and Reagan were 49.3 and 50.3 respectively. It’s […]

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President Obama’s Approval Rating Higher Than Ronald Reagan’s

The mainstream media has made much of U.S. President Barack Obama’s approval ratings news of late – especially when they’re low. This blogger’s theory is the media itself drives the approval ratings just by reporting on the President’s numbers in a selected way, but that’s not what this blog post is about. Still, here’s an […]

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President Obama’s Jobs Speech A Home Run

President Obama did it again: in giving a speech he needed to give at a time in history, Barack Obama hit yet another home run. It wasn’t just what the American Jobs Act called for, but the way Obama called for it, that resonated with all who listened. (Note, I said listened.) The American Jobs […]