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Mia Farrow, Amazon Watch Ecuador’s Fool; Chevron China’s Cover

Mia Farrow and Amazon Watch have been revealed as Ecuador’s fools, while the country led by President Rafael Correa has, and continues to do oil deals and oil production that show cheerful disregard for the environment. Moreover, Chevron, the American oil company not even doing business in Ecuador (and hasn’t ever done so, having purchased […]

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Mia Farrow Made Fool By Ecuador’s Rafael Correa In Chevron Case

Mia Farrow Made Fool By Ecuador’s Rafael Correa In Chevron Case. As reported over at The AmazonPost, since late 2013, Ecuador’s government, led by President Rafael Correa, has invited actors, politicians, journalists and many others to the Oriente region of the Amazon to see oil contamination allegedly caused by Texaco. Their latest guest is Mia […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Ecuador Owned Oil Prod. Gave Texaco Immunity From Envronmental Cleanup In 90s

Chevron Ecuador: Ecuador Owned Oil Prod. Gave Texaco Immunity From Envronmental Cleanup In 90s Chevron Ecuador: Ecuador Owned Oil Prod. Gave Texaco Written Immunity From Envronmental Cleanup In 90s. According to Plan V of Ecuador, from 1964 to 1992, Ecuador steadily increased its ownership of the oil production consortium with what was Texaco-Gulf, and to […]

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Ecuador President Correa “Will Resign” If Chevron Proves Interference In Case

Ecuador President Rafael Correa has vowed to resign if Chevron can prove that his government interfered with the case against the American Oil Company in Ecuador, according to IndustryWeek.com. “Let Chevron prove that the government interfered in the judgment, and I will resign my post,” President Correa said Tuesday at a news conference in Guayaquil. […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Richmond Mayor’s Comparison To Refinery Accident Is Crazy

Chevron Ecuador compares to Chevron Oil Refinery Accident? Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin can’t resist acting like an irresponsible and unknowing political activist, even as the Mayor of Richmond. (Bet she doesn’t know that oil on her gloves in that Contra Costa Times photo came from the state-run Petroecuador’s many oil spills! The Mayor of Richmond […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Chevron Not Liable For Ecuador Environmental Damage Says The Hague

The latest Chevron Ecuador news is that Chevron is not liable for environmental damage claims made and that stemmed from the operation of an oil production constortium from 1966 to 1992 that consisted of Texaco Petroleum Company, and Petroecuador, the state-run oil company of Ecuador, and generally called TexPet. An International Arbitration Tribunal, which was […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Karen Hinton Comes Out Swinging As Court Losses Grow

Karen Hinton, the tireless public relations director for The Amazon Defense Front – that was called The Amazon Defense Coalition before the media picked up on the fact that it wasn’t formed to protect the Amazon at all, but to collect fraudulently gained legal award money, and case investments for Hinton, lead lawyer Steven Donziger, […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Burford Capital Accuses Steven Donziger Of Fraud

“Chevron Ecuador Burford Capital Accuses Steven Donziger Of Fraud,” is a blockbuster story. The latest news in the lawsuit pitting plaintiff’s lead by New York Lawyer Steven Donziger (who claims to represent Ecuador’s indigenous people) against American oil company Chevron. Burford Capital is one of the investors in the lawsuit that Ecuador and American lawyers […]

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Fernando Reyes Turns Against Steve Donziger, Ecuador Plaintiffs, In Chevron Lawsuit

A huge development: Fernando Reyes, a petroleum engineer who was part of Steve Donziger’s team working on the fraudulent lawsuit against Chevron and stemming from the American Oil Company’s work in Ecuador up to 1992, has turned against his team and admitted what this blogger has known for years: that the lawsuit was based on […]

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Chevron Ecuador: Emails Point To Ecuador, Petroecuador, Working With Donziger

More Chevron Ecuador news. About two years ago, an associate with Amazon Watch I will not name tried to bully Kevin Skaggs and Vlae Kershner of SFGate.com, the website of The San Francisco Chronicle, into making me alter a blog post where I asserted that Ecuador was a party to the lawsuit against Chevron. That […]

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Was Dr. Ann Maest, Ecuador Plaintiff’s Scientist, Paid To Lie In Chevron Ecuador Case?

Dr. Ann Maest, a managing scientist at Straus Consulting and aide to Steve Donziger, lead plaintiff’s lawyer in the Chevron Ecuador case, is the focus of the most recent attempt to spin the fraudulent lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador in a way that would gain millions for the plaintiffs lawyers and associates – and Dr. […]

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Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, Chevron Shareholders, Seek Ecuador Settlement To Get Rich

The “40 Chevron Shareholders” who are asking for a settlement in the Chevron – Ecuador case are doing so only out of greed; such a deal would make some of them rich, and certainly one of their key associates. Amazon Watch and the Rainforest Action Network have taken to blogs and press releases, calling for […]

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Ecuador’s Corrupt Court Confirms $18 Billion Award Against Chevron

In an action that comes as no surprise to anyone, an Ecuador appeals court confirmed the decision by Ecuador to award an $18 billion damage award to Ecuador. Ecuador’s court, long accused of bribery and beset with scandal, would not dream of going against the wishes of that country’s President Rafael Correa. Consider that President […]

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Chevron Should Stay Course In Ecuador Case, Ignore Shell Issue

There are calls in some media areas and by some oil industry analysts for Chevron to consider a payment settlement in the Ecuador case, and because the U.S. Supreme Court elected to hear the Shell Oil Nigeria Human Rights case. This is a plea from Oppenheimer analyst Fadel Gheit, as reported in Platts. But it’s […]