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Gloria Allred Brings Natalie Khawam, General Petraeus Pal, To Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Party

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cHinAcXigE Gloria Allred has come to every Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Party I’ve covered since 2010, and overall I’ve interviewed the famed civil rights lawyer five times. But this fifth time, Allred’s guest, Natalie Khawam, was the quietest client Gloria’s had. Natalie Khawam’s best known as the sister of Jill Kelley, who is, in […]

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General Norman Schwarzkopf Passes At 78; American Soldier Did It Right

General Norman Schwarzkopf passed away due to unknown causes in Tampa at the age of 78. The decorated four-star general was most noted for the U.S.-led international coalition that drove Saddam Hussein’s forces out of Kuwait in 1991. But, in retrospect to the circus that surrounded General David Petraeus’ rise to CIA Director, and the […]

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Sexual Objectification Is A Bad Term; The Strong Woman Consideration

This is something this blogger has to adress because it seems to point to a sweet spot in American Cultural Change – that is a dynamic that’s acknowledged, but still a point of contention. That’s something called “sexual objectification.” The term is defined this way: Sexual objectification refers to the practice of regarding or treating […]

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Petraeus Sex Scandal: FBI Agent Sent Shirtless Picts To Friend Jill Kelley; Went To David Reichert

Wow. The David Petraeus / Paula Broadwell Sex Scandal is getting deeper. Here’s this blogger’s first video on the matter: This is how this David Petraeus / Paula Broadwell sex scandal has unfolded. This is from a number of sources, so the links will be left out. In May, Jill Kelley, a so-called unpaid liason […]

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Jill Kelley Was The Woman Emailed By Jealous Paula Broadwell In Petraeus Sex Scandal

According to The Associated Press (who I hope didn’t steal the information from a blogger, as they do that) the “other woman” who was the target of heated emails from Paula Broadwell telling her to “stay away” from David Petraeus (not smart, when you think about it) is named Jill Kelley. The backstory is that […]

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Paula Broadwell Affair Costs David Petraeus His CIA Job

UPDATE: PAULA BROADWELL AND BENGHAZI UPDATE: JILL KELLEY IS THE SECOND WOMAN IN SEX SCANDAL FOLLOW ZENNIE62 ON TWITTER HERE! Paula Broadwell proves that we’re all human, and now-former CIA Director David Petraeus is no exception. Petraeus resigned due to revelations during an FBI investigation launched by the complaints of a woman “close” to the […]