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President Obama Backs Gay Marriage; Moving Along…

UPDATE: California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom paved the way for President Obama’s announcement. President Obama backs Gay Marriage, and to show you how big a deal it’s not, the event of his announcement on ABC’s…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

On Pastor Rob Bell And The Existence Of Hell

I happened upon an article in TIME Magazine about 42-year-old Pastor Rob Bell and the idea that Hell may not exist, while watching the Lakers v. Hornets NBA Playoff Game. (The kind of thing I…

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The Secret Life Of Drunk Women, By Tout.com

Tout.com is a platform best described as a cross between Twitter and YouTube, where you can make 15 second videos and then upload them to three places: your Tout page, Twitter stream, and Facebook page….

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Cisco: Another Reason For This Blogger To Be Wary

Other than cancelling the Flip Video Camera, and having me fly across country for a meeting only to have the rug pulled out from under me when I landed and learned the Flip Video PR…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Hurricane Irene Hits The East Coast; Irene Over-Hyped?

On Hurricane Irene watch, like much of the nation. As I blog this, it’s 10:54 AM EST, and sun’s shining in Atlanta, Georgia. But that’s not the case just 200 miles away, because Hurricane Irene…


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