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Which Livestream Platform To Use? A View From Flux Rostrum

It’s clear that livestreaming, where a person can use a smartphone or computer, and a special software platform, to send out a live video to an audience over the Internet and mobile, is now part of the mainstream. There are a number of systems to use, from USTREAM to Qik.com, and others. But even with […]

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Occupy Wall St. Fights / Arrests Live From New York City #WhileWeWatch

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream Streaming by Ustream Streaming Live by Ustream Streaming Live by Ustream Why is #whilewewatch Watching #OccupyWallSt Media? Tim Pool Arrests being made now Live from Wall St, NYC ! #whilewewatch Click here > www.timcast.tv As of 10:48pm EST 9 arrests have been made at the #OccupyWallSt protest in […]

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#whilewewatch Occupy Wall St New York Movie Premier Livestream

Watch live streaming video from whilewewatch at livestream.com Kevin Breslin, the brilliant Director of the Oscar-considered Living For 32, and a friend of this blogger is hosting a livestream presentation of his new documentary movie #whilewewatch. It’s a fascinating look at how new media helped spread the message of the Occupy Movement and caused its […]

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Occupy LA Eviction Live Stream From Los Angeles

Will Occupy LA be evicted after 12 midnight PDT? As this is written, a set of USTREAM Live video feeds have been installed at Zennie62.com to present the Occupy LA eviction. After 56 days, or almost two months, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa figured the political winds were in his favor and elected to give […]

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Pete Seeger Sings At Occupy Wall St., Cornell West Gets Arrested

More at Zennie62.com Two activist legends, Folk Singer Pete Seeger and University of Professor Cornell West made headlines for being involved in protests that are related to Occupy Wall Street. First, the 92-year-old Seeger, best known for his 1950s hits walked with ’60s folk singer Arlo Guthrie and about 1,000 Occupy Wall St protestors Friday […]

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Occupy Atlanta Interrupted By Epic Wild Dude – Occupy Wall St.

Atlanta, Georgia – Occupy Atlanta, the Capital of The South’s version of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, got two more weeks of Woodruff Park assembly rights life, as Atlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed extended his already lengthened deadline by another two weeks, and to a November 7th Atlanta City Council meeting. That Mayor Reed took such […]

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Occupy Wall St Women Are Hot – Deal With It Jezebel

The Occupy Wall Street operation that started over a month ago has turned into a movement, in part thanks to the awful actions of the New York Police Department of two weeks ago, and thanks to a healthy abundance of attractive, or dare this blogger say, “hot” women. So many that this space ran a […]

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Atlanta-Based CNN Ignores Occupy Atlanta for Occupy Wall St.

CNN has given coverage to the Occupy America movement, but in a way that can only be called sneaky. For while the Cable News Network has reported on the New York activities of Occupy Wall St., it has curiously ignored coverage of Occupy America activities right in its own back yard, in the form of […]

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Occupy Atlanta is Occupy Wall St in the ATL

Atlanta, Georgia – “Occupy Atlanta? You mean like Occupy Wall Street?,” a friend asked. Yes. As it turns out – and completely different from what CNN’s Jacqui Jeras reported on a map of cities with activities related to the Occupy Wall Street movement (or Occupy America, if you like), there is an organization related to […]

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Steve Jobs Dies Of Pancreatic Cancer; Apple Store SF Memorial

It was Mom who called to say that “Steve Jobs died of cancer,” and at the time, this blogger was bound for the gym. Instead, the entire evening schedule of workout and work was tossed in favor of going down to the SF (San Francisco) Apple Store. Why? Because a Foursquare note on my Apple […]

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Occupy Wall Street Brings Hot Chicks

Day 12 Occupy Wall Street September 28 2011 Shankbone 33, a photo by david_shankbone on Flickr. REBUTTAL TO JEZEBEL UPDATE: Occupy Atlanta Sheds Light On The Movement The Occupy Wall Street Movement has something the Tea Party could never claim to have: hot chicks at its protests quoting Goethe.  This woman, photographed by David Shankbone […]

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Occupy Wall St Given Life By NYPD: Where’s The Plan?

The formally relatively unknown activist organization called Occupy Wall Street was given public relations life thanks to the antics of a set of very stupid New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers during a recent protest. This blogger’s only question for Occupy Wall Street is “Where’s the plan?” To put it simply, the police (once […]