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Zennie62 disagreement with Fox News’ Brit Hume

Charlotte, NC – As this blogger was settling in at the Marriott Renaissance Charlotte SouthPark Hotel for DNC 2012 (Sponsored by Tout.com for Zennie62), Fox News Sunday, a show not normally tuned in to here,…

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Obama Changes Deportation Policy

CNN and Fox News this morning and both reported on the Obama administration’s new guidelines would make it so young illegal immigrants would not face deportation, but instead would allow them to apply for work…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

President Obama And Elie Wiesel On The Holocaust

The Holocaust must never be forgotten by anyone, and known by everyone.  On Monday, April 23rd, President Obama joined with Nobel Laureate, and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel to remember. http://storify.com/zennie62/president-obama-on-social-media-today

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Horse Meat Argument

Ever been “so hungry that you could eat a horse?” Well at the end of November President Obama sparked a lot of controversy when he legalized the slaughtering of horses for meat. Obama signed the…

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The Iraq War is Over

CNN, Fox and all the other mainstream media channels have announced and confirmed that the war in Iraq is officially over. The war began in 2003 and now it has finally come to an end,…

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President Obama’s New Plan

President Barack Obama has laid out a new deficit plan earlier today, Monday, September 19. The New York Times reports: “The president proposed raising taxes by $1.5 trillion, mostly on the wealthy, while making only…

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Romney Confronts Obama

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be confronting President Barack Obama today, June 30, in Pennsylvania. CBS News reports: “And before Romney holds a news conference at Allentown Metal Works in Pennsylvania this afternoon, he’ll…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Obama Sued For Libya Decision

President Barack Obama is being sued by ten United States lawmakers (including Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Presidential candidate of Texas, Ron Paul) for taking military action against Libya without Congress giving its war authorization…


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