Search For Suspect Suspends BART Service In San Francisco During Rush Hour – CBS Local

Search For Suspect Suspends BART Service In San Francisco During Rush HourCBS LocalSAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – BART service resumed Wednesday evening after service was suspended as San Francisco police … Read More

Piedmont, Montclair calendar: Oakland’s White Elephant Sale this weekend – Oakland Tribune

Piedmont, Montclair calendar: Oakland’s White Elephant Sale this weekendOakland TribuneCalifornia Genealogical Society and Library, 2201 Broadway, Oakland. 510-663-1358, Crabstavaganza. Zion Lutheran School’s annual fundraising crab feed, raffle, silent auction, … Read More

Case against Oakland boy accused of arson attack aganst agender teeen stays … – Oakland Tribune

Case against Oakland boy accused of arson attack aganst agender teeen stays …Oakland TribuneOAKLAND — The criminal case against a 16-year-old accused of setting fire to an agender teen’s skirt … Read More

Oakland News: Mayor Quan Reelection Mistruths; Tuman, Siegel Videos

This Oakland News comes from Las Vegas, where I am for the New Media Expo and International CES, or CES 2014, or the Consumer Electronics Show. I have two items … Read More

Oakland News: City Council And Police Radio: Will They Pick Alameda JPA Over Staff Ire?

This bit of Oakland News is, a more disturbing continuation of my Oakland Police Radio blog post of last week. It’s disturbing because several Oakland City staffers who I will … Read More

Oakland News: Schaaf, Kaplan For Mayor Of Oakland? Tagami Wants Oakland Trib

There’s a lot of Oakland News out there, so let’s get to it. First, I have it from several sources that Oakland City Councilmember Libby Schaaf (District Four) is considering … Read More

Oakland News: Art Murmur First Friday Shooting; Raiders Mark Davis And Trust

On Friday, just after Art Murmur / First Friday for October, someone reportedly shot into a crowd at 14th and Broadway in Downtown Oakland. That’s right at BART 12th Street, … Read More

Make Oakland Better Now! Mayor’s Budget: Two Proposed Amendments – Part 2

Make Oakland Better Now! will be present at the next Oakland City Council Meeting on June 13th at 6:30pm to urge the City Council to adopt the Mayor’s proposed budget with … Read More

Make Oakland Better Now! : The Mayor’s Budget And Two Proposed Amendments – Part 1

On June 13, Make Oakland Better Now! will be present at the Oakland City Council Meeting at 6:30 p.m., urging the City Council to adopt the Mayor’s proposed budget with … Read More

SF Super Bowl Bid Not Bay Area’s First: Oakland In 2000

San Francisco is not the first SF Bay Area NFL city to bid for the right to host a Super Bowl Game. Oakland was in 2000 and as that bid … Read More

Oakland City Auditor Wrong: Staff Asked Black Local Firm To Front For White Livermore Company

A key part of the “non-interference” report issued by Courtney Ruby, the Oakland City Auditor, and that blamed Councilmember Larry Reid (District 7) and Councilmember Desley Brooks (District 6), leading … Read More

Oakland Art Murmur Statement On First Friday Shooting

The Oakland Art Murmur Administration has left a statement on the website of the organization in the wake of last night’s First Friday shooting, where the killers are still at … Read More

Sanjiv Handa, Oakland Journalist, Died One Year Ago On December 28th 2011

On December 28th 2011, Sanjiv Handa, a friend of mine, passed away of a heart attack. It’s now one year later (time flies) and Sanjiv was the person who kept … Read More

Oakland Councilmember De La Fuente Called Homophobe By LGBT Club

Oakland Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente’s in hot water over a campaign approach that overstepped the bounds of appropriate taste in his battle for the current At-Large City Council seat … Read More

A Safer City; A Safer Oakland

A Safer City; A Safer Oakland Our campaign for Oakland City Council has focused on improving Public Safety, Creating Jobs and Smart Growth and Restoring Essential Neighborhood Services. Some people … Read More

Reid, Kaplan, Sullivan Get Oakland Tribune Endorsement; Juarez Doesn’t

The last time the Oakland Tribune weighed in with endorsements in a local election, they had zero impact: people just don’t read the newspapers like they used to and the … Read More

Oakland Tribune’s Angela Woodall’s Wronghead View Of Downtown

Grrr. Oakland Tribune reporter Angela Woodall’s done it again: wrote another completely wrongheaded account of my Oakland. The first time it was a Twitter tweet that implied there was corruption … Read More

Oakland News: Joe Tuman v. Rebecca Kaplan For At-Large City Council Seat

Joe Tuman v. Rebecca Kaplan would have gained more attention if Tuman (hint to Joe) embraced Social Media. But before we get to that, the news is that Joe Tuman … Read More

Oakland News: MayDay, Joel Young Gets Tribune Endorsement, Coliseum SMG V. AEG II

Oakland MayDay went off without a hitch, at first – but then… Frankly, I had so much backlog from my New York NFL Draft trip, and interviews conducted before that, … Read More

Occupy Oakland Vandalism Sat After Peaceful Friday Reveling

People claiming to represent Occupy Oakland are back in trouble against today, and that’s no April Fool’s joke. According to the Oakland Tribune and ABC, on Saturday night damage was … Read More

Oakland Coliseum JPA Called Corrupt By Oakland Tribune Reporter

The Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Authority, or “Joint Powers Authority”, or “JPA” is known for its rather clubby politics, at times so much so that it leads many to question … Read More

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Recall Effort Scarred By Voter Fraud Claim

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan undoubtedly fears the recall effort launched against her, but from what this blogger has learned, it’s currently marred by not two, but three (yes, 3) competing … Read More

Sanjiv Handa: In His Absence, Celebrate Caring About Oakland

Sanjiv Handa, RP? Still can’t believe it. It’s a good idea to blog to get out of my head the idea that in my reality Sanjiv Handa, Oakland’s Gargoyle – … Read More

Terrance Candell: 2010 Oakland Mayor’s Race Candidate Supports Quan Recall

Oakland’s Terrance Candell never stopped running for Mayor of Oakland. His website, Candell For Mayor, is still up, but and unlike the other eight candidates (Joe Tuman’s “Tuman For Mayor … Read More

Oakland’s Former Mayor Blasts Mayor Jean Quan On Occupy Oakland

Even though Elihu Harris hasn’t been the Mayor of Oakland since 1999 (and was Mayor between 1990 and 1999), he’s still a fixture in Oakland. Always willing to offer his … Read More

On The Oakland Tribune, Mayor Quan, and BART’s Linton Johnson

My celebration of the suddenly free “Oakland Tribune” from the hands of the Bay Area New Group, or BANG, both ruffled feathers and gained supporters. One email I received went … Read More

Oakland USD Loses Second Chief To Problem In Four Years

Yesterday, The Oakland Unified School District lost its police chief Pete Sarna, after the officer, allegedly intoxicated, reportedly went off an an “N-word” laced rant against an African American sergeant … Read More

John Russo – City Of Oakland Debt Plans Point To Bankruptcy

Originally, this blogger was planning to run Part Three of this video recap last Wednesday, but frankly elected to stretch out the content production opportunity. The video is over 38 … Read More