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Is Amanda Bynes Just Trolling Us?

Is Amanda Bynes Just Trolling Us? Nikky Raney of Zennie62Media thinks she is. “She’s a very good actress,” Ms. Raney says. But with such comments about “ugly Asians,” and other racist and homophobic Twitter tweets,…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Choosing The Right Cat Food

It may seem simple, you go into PetCo and pick out some cat food that is reasonably priced, but for the longevity of your furry friend it’s important to read labels and find out which…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Johnny Depp as Tonto

Johnny Depp as Tonto By Nikky Raney The media coverage of Johnny Depp playing the role of Tonto in the remake of the Lone Ranger is mostly intriguing due to the things that Depp has…

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NESCom’s New Degree Program

New Degree Program at NESCom Nikky Raney New England School of Communications added a new degree program as of the Fall 2011 semester, and although it is quite new it already has ten students enrolled….

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Microwave Experiments

Taken from the Youtube Series “Is it a good Idea to Microwave this?” And regardless of the fact that the producers suggest not to try this at home – that did not stop college students…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Citizen’s Trash is Federal Treasure

The Federal Government has once again stomped on the Constitution. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are now allowed to search through the trash of citizens in America – without a warrant. So basically, the…

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Nikky Raney: Kitty Cam

Zennie thought it would be appropriate to post this video of Janelle, my first cat ever. She was adopted from the Bangor Humane Society – she is 5 years old and cats are very popular…

Sexual Education is Necessary

X POSTED AT THE FUTURE OF JOURNALISM This is an editorial I wrote for Ed Rice’s Editorial and Column Writing Class. I got an A on it – so I thought it was worth posting….

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

Donald Trump’s Birth Certificate

Donald Trump has been questioning President Barack Obama’s legitimacy as being born in Hawaii. This is seriously beating a dead horse, because everyone who is educated knows that yes indeed Obama was born in Hawaii….


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