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Redskins Trade For Robert Griffin III (RG3) Was Washington GM Bruce Allen’s Work

It’s forgotten that Robert Griffin III wasn’t the actual first choice pick in the 2012 NFL Draft for the Washington Redskins. Seeing an openings, Washington Redskins’ General Maanger Bruce Allen made the call on a blockbuster trade that saw the St.Louis Rams get the Redskins’ No. 6 overall pick in 2012, and the Redskins’ first-round […]

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Yahoo!’s Mike Silver Sheds Light On NFL, Coaching, And Racism

Yahoo! Sports Mike Silver’s taken the covers off the problem of black coaches not being hired for open NFL head coaching jobs. In the space of a week, Sliver has written about the problem twice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y82LvbJiuzU Mike Silver’s latest work is something of a frank blockbuster, where he openly points to most of the people […]

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Leigh Steinberg, Mike Silver, Doug Thornton, Bill Chackhes, Melissa Rubin: Julie “Buehler’s Day Off” Podcasts – July 3rd

Leigh Steinberg, Mike Silver, Doug Thornton, Bill Chachkes, and Melissa Rubin. All were part of an amazing Tout.com sponsored Buehler’s Day Off radio show on July 3rd on KXPS 1010 AM in the Palm Dessert. One that was hijacked by yours truly, Zennie Abraham, as the result of a bet I had with Ms. Buehler […]

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Tout.com And Zennie62 Guest Hosts “Buehler’s Day Off” TODAY at 1-3 PM PDT, KXPS 1010 AM Palm Springs

Palm Dessert, CA – Today’s the day that I, Zennie Abraham, or “Zennie62,” take over Julie Buehler’s radio show called “Buehler’s Day Off” and with the help of Tout.com and some friends: Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg, Superdome Manager Doug Thornton, Yahoo! Sports’ Mike Silver, Football Reporters Online Editor Bill Chachkes of NFL Draft fame, and […]

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Mike Silver: Saints Gregg Williams Audio Leak Impacts NFL Review Of Suspension

Mike Silver’s relationship with film documentary producer Sean Pamphilon led to what may be this year’s biggest leak. This blogger met Mr. Pamphilon when he came to make a documentary of the 2011 “Little Game” – the annual contest of friends mostly from Cal (Berkeley). Pamphilon had two concerns, the game, but also talking with […]